Salomé, original opera

by Cie Kaleidos

Vevey and Lausanne

In the continuity of its multidisciplinary research, Kaleidos Company presents Salome, an original opera composed by Gérard Massini and staged by Leili Yahr after the eponymous piece by Oscar Wilde

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«One should always be a little improbable.» Oscar Wilde

In the continuity of its multidisciplinary research, Kaleidos Company presents Salome, an opera in one act composed by Gérard Massini and staged by Leili Yahr after the eponymous play by Oscar Wilde.

Exploiting a biblical myth twice millennial, Wilde writes a tragic poem tinged with humour, representing a Salome who fully assumes her sacrilegious desire, facing an authoritarian power. In a dreamlike and radical aesthetic, three actors-singers and three musicians confront this original opera to the sounds of a chiaroscuro lyricism flinging open imagination’s doors


The creation of Salome will take place in March-April 2018 at the Oriental-Vevey Theatre which co-produces for the third time the shows of Kaleidos Company. The performances of the show will take place at the Oriental Theatre in Vevey from April 18 to 22, 2018, and will be featured at the Pulloff Théâtres in Lausanne from May 22 to 27, 2018.

In addition, a cultural mediation workshop «Experience Backstage» is planned by the Oriental Theatre in the course of creation, offering a dive into the world of opera and Salomé during two key moments of the construction of the project.


Directed by: Leili Yahr I Composition: Gérard Massini I With: Sophie Chabert, Marion Jacquemet and Yannis François I Musicians: Gérard Massini (piano), Dominique Bettens (double bass) and Didier Métrailler (percussion) I Scenography: Gilbert Maire I Light creation: Nicolas Mayoraz I Costumes: Mireille Dessingy and Samantha Landragin I Makeup and transformation: Viviane Lima I Construction Scenery Elements: Rear Stage Workshop I Administration: Stéphane Frein I Visual communication: Laure Schwarz I Press: POWA - Julie Henoch


Awarded in 2011 an SSA scholarship for the composition for lyric-dramatic work, Gérard Massini composed an opera for orchestra and soloists in three acts from which he presented excerpts at the Montheron Abbey in 2014. It was on this occasion that he met Leili Yahr, decided on a collaboration to create a contemporary and condensed stage version of the opera, in order to share this experience with an eclectic audience.

In early 2017 auditions brought together a team of dizzying talents. All the candidates were from the HEMU Lausanne; some had just completed their professional studies, others had already attained an international standing through such prestigious ensembles as the Arts Florissants, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne or the cultural embassy of Switzerland at the Rio Olympics.

In order to lay the scenic groundwork for Salomé the selected candidates had the opportunity to collaborate together for the first time in March 2017, during a first research workshop held at the Oriental Theatre in Vevey.


The Kaleidos theatre company is directed by Leili Yahr and aims to create multidisciplinary shows that combine in-depth socio-philosophical reflection with innovative stagecraft. In parallel to this, the company develops a pedagogical and social contribution by proposing the Philo in games and workshops of appreciation of philosophy in a fun-loving way through role playing, discussion and theatre.

Salome is the third creation of the company after Swing! (2015) and MEDEA (2013). Swing! is a poetic piece that explores the points of resonance between Iran and the United States, on a musical composition by Roccobelly. MEDEA is a musical piece evoking the legend of Medea, based on texts by H. Müller and Euripides, on a musical composition by Vincent Hänni.

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The music of Gerard Massini and the visionary aspect of Leili Yahr’s creations combine a concern for classicism and dialogue with the present time. Far from any dualism, this timeless play features characters struggling with their excesses, addressing such hot topics as religion, gender relations and the generational revolt against the established order. Our deep wish is to propose this new opera, carried by a team at once young and confirmed, to a large audience.

This project has already garnered the interest, confidence and support of many public and private institutions. We are almost there!

The opera Salome is at the dawn of its emergence and now it needs only its last helping hand before its birth! For that, we count on your precious support!