At Salut Kidswear we want to encourage and be inspired by kids’ creativity to carefully design our clothing with sustainable fabrics to preserve nature for future generations.

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Salut Kidswear is a small Switzerland-based unisex kids brand that focuses on high-quality designs inspired by children’s drawings. We believe that kids should be creative and guided by a sustainable philosophy, as we think that even small children are responsive to nice design. We like to produce comfy outfits with bold prints to allow for lively playtimes. Our main inspiration are the kids’ own drawings and creations, and we want to encourage them to express themselves with pens and brushes to let their imagination run free. 


Our clothes are produced in Portugal with organic cotton and recycled fabrics from Pakistan. We want to take responsibility for our impact on the environment so that the future generations can enjoy it the same way we do. By using only organic and recycled materials as well as water-based prints, we aim to increase awareness to leave as small a footprint as possible from an early age on. In addition, we exclusively use FSC paper, which promotes sustainable forestry worldwide, to produce our hangtags and other paper goods. The packaging is earth-friendly, biodegradable and 100% recycled from post-consumer and post-industrial cardboard.

We believe that our well-made clothes are meant to live for a long time, even after your children have outgrown them. Consider giving your kids’ clothing a new life by passing it on to one of your friends or relatives and help us grow the Salut «Worn Wear Community».


It is really important for us to produce our clothing in Europe. By supporting the Salut Kidswear project you will not only help us produce the first collection, but you will also promote organic cotton farmers as well as our Portuguese manufacturer. 

By helping us start this project you will be part of the Salut Kidswear community, and you and your kid(s) will be invited to take part in the different creative workshops we will organize to let those young imaginations run free! After all, we need new inspiration for our next collection… 

95% of the funds will help producing the first collection. 5% of the funds will help printing all the paper goods like packaging, hang-tags and postcards in Switzerland. 

If you buy your Salut Kidswear on wemakeit, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount below our regular web shop prices.

The clothes will be sent to you in spring 2018 so make sure to order big enough clothes for your fast-growing kiddies. You can find a size chart below. 

Thanks for your help! This really means a lot to us. Salut!