SanoCantus – Music based on the healing numbers of the Russian Method

This method exists since decades. The apposite music is NEW.

The Russian Method

The columns of numbers are based on quantum physics and represent the original and healthy vibrations of the different parts of the body, the organs and also the various situation of life. To focus on the proper column of numbers, means on the healthy frequenzy, helps the body to re-establish this frequenzy in the affected part.

You will find more information about the method on my homepage or you google healing numbers.

The Music

My idea was to transform the columns of numbers into music. A lot of people doesn´t want to be only consumers of academic medicine but they also want to take active part to improve their situation. The music should help the user to focus on the numbers and gives also the possibility to extent the time of the effect. Listening the music in the background, during cooking, working, surfing the internet or driving the car and you easy have an additional hour effect aside from the 10 minutes, of concentration on the columns.

There are also columns of numbers for the wellbeing oft he society. I will put free downloads oft hem on my homepage. At the moment the theme «Solution of the problems of the society» is available for free. You, your families and friends are invited to download this song and listen it as often and long you can. The more energy we invest to solve the problems of our society, the more effect we generate.

Development of a song

In the following video I explain by a existing song how it has been developed. Of corse it is a very simplified explanation.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, video was removed by project initiator.

What has already been done

I already spent hundreds of hours in this project and the first 27 themes are done. For example, General Recovery, Mental Happiness, Spinal Column, Anti Aging, Turbo-Study-Column-of-Numbers for Children, Financial Balance. For the marketing I already have created an onlineshop( The next columns I transform into music are the mentioned themes under Rewards of EUR 300 and EUR 800. But as there are thousands more of columns of numbers which all have to be transformed into music I will need time to do it. On the technical side I also need quite a few things.

Therefor I need your help

  • To speed up the production and make it more efficient I need a faster notebook with better sound card (at the moment I work with a 5 year old notebook)
  • For the success significant is also the qualitiy of the productions. Therefor I would need a more professional music program with better sounds
  • Some hardware (midi-keyboard, monitor speekers, …) and instruments (guitars, wind instruments) to not only use sythetic sounds
  • Marketing and communication: The most important on the end. To sell my music successful, my onlineshop has to be so easy findable as possible. For this I would spend most of the money.

If I reach more than the asked amount I would like to install a small studio, to be able to record undisturbed and also to not disturbe others.