Saudação Família Pádua

by Familia Padua


«Saudação» is the first album by the Brazilian musical group Família Pádua e amigos, with original songs that document the musical trajectory of the group, which has lived in Vienna since 2019.

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Crowdfunding Project «Saudação» - Família Pádua Album

«Saudação» is the name of the first album by the Brazilian music group Família Pádua, which consists exclusively of original songs that document the musical career of the group, which began to deal with instrumental music 16 years ago in Brazil. Since 2013 they have been building a solid musical career in Austria with their first European tour. Great musicians who were and are part of the group’s musical history take part in this project, such as: Gerald Preinfalk, Gabriel Moraes, Fagner Wesley, Marco Antônio da Costa, Michael Acke, Nino Costa, Viola Ottomari, Anna Laszlo and of course that Whole family with Antônio de Pádua, Roberta Karin, João Vitor and Matheus Jardim. In this context, «Saudação» is a work with arrangements that combine all the versatility and essence of Brazilian music and musicians with very modern and sophisticated elements of European music and musicians, resulting in an interactive concert full of rhythmic and melodic nuances.

«Saudação» by Antonio de Padua (First album)

This project is very special as it is the group’s first album. It is the result of more than two decades of family musical training, where the father, multi-instrumentalist Antônio de Pádua, taught his wife Roberta Karin (percussion), and his sons João Vítor (flute) and Matheus Jardim (drummer). . , and awakened in each person the pleasure of the art of «alchemy» of sounds. Teach different genres of Brazilian popular music, but also other genres of universal music, with a modern and contemporary language. All of this will be recorded in this album by Família Pádua, which will offer the public a unique sound experience, which shows all the versatility of Brazilian music. This album is a Salute, to art, to the masters who inspired us so much and still inspire us, and also to all our friends who are participating in the CD and to those who were and are part of the family’s journey, in some way.

«Jack o son é na quarta, acunha!» by Antônio de Pádua

«Jack o son é na quarta, acunha!» song from composer Antônio de Pádua’s 1st album, «Sentimento Nordestino».