Saurvival is a mix of board and card game. Prepare for a strategic adventure full of action, fun and dinosaurs. For 2/4 adults or teenagers (from 10). Game length: 60 - 240 min

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A Strategic Adventure

All information and videos in English and German:

Embark on an adventure and fight for survival in an area full of wild saurians. You are sent on your way with a few simple items. Everything else you have to scavenge for, fight for or craft yourself. Use the strength and skills of the saurians by adding them to your squad with a catching utensil. Collect everything you need on the plain, in the cave and on the lake to face the ultimate challenge in the jungle: the T-Rex!

A Passion Project

In the last three years we created everything about this game ourselves, from the first drawing to the last explanatory video. We invented, drew, researched, tested, wrote, designed, translated and a lot more. Well over 1000 hours of work went into Saurvival.

Saurvival is a unique mix of board and card game. During the game you visit different locations and expand your deck with items and dinosaurs from a selection of 165 uniquely designed cards.

A Professional Production

In order to have a game professionally produced, you have to reach a minimum quantity. For most producers this is 1000-2000 games. We found a smaller production company that will produce as little as 300-400 games for us. But we still need at least 12’000 CHF to make this happen.

Here are our goals:

If we reach 12’000 CHF, we put all of it into the production of the game. We pay for shipping to all supporters out of our own pocket.

If we reach 24’000 CHF, shipping costs are covered. We also have a little more choice when it comes to the producer and the materials. With this amount we can produce more games than necessary and offer them in an online shop afterwards.

Here is the possible schedule, provided that the funding is achieved (of course we can’t promise anything, except that we will do our best):

July / August 21: Last update to the game, selection of the production company, preparation of the print files, etc.

September / October 21: Working out the production details, test production, preparing the various rewards, etc.

November / December 21: Final production of the game and the rewards, delivery to all supporters

Attention: We only send the rewards (including the game) within Europe. All of the content and rewards presented here are subject to minor changes during development and production. All rewards are optional, you can pass on anything by sending us a message. The English version of the game can only be produced if there is sufficient interest. If there is very little demand, we will contact the corresponding customers and find a suitable solution or pay the money back.