Save A Legendary Printshop

by Robert Butler


Please contribute today and help support keeping a small independent print shop alive in Bern. Mr. Butler provides screen printing and graphic design solutions for our community!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 26/5/2015

Think global – print local

I have a unique opportunity to make a dream come true, to take over and operate a legendary silkscreen print shop in the heart of Bern, Switzerland. To find out more about this well established print shop and my plan to save it, refurbish it and continue to make it legendary, read on.

The story

Under the name of RIFF RAFF, the silksceen print shop has been a creative institution for over 25 years. RIFF RAFF has provided high quality hand-printed craftsmanship for satisfied clients all over the country.

At the end of 2014, RIFF RAFF decided to sell the entire business. Since 1994, I have worked as a freelance screen printer and graphic designer for RIFF RAFF providing the extra manpower when the business needed a helping hand. I was thrilled when the chance to take over this amazing business was laid in my hands. I was told that if anyone knew how to run and operate this shop right, it would be me, My goal is to continue to supply the best quality hand-made silkscreen printing for the clientele and to carry on the tradition of RIFF RAFF under the new name of MISTER BUTLER – SIEBDRUCK & GRAFIK.

Why I need your help?

The news of RIFF RAFF closing their doors came very suddenly and though I am ready to take on this new business venture I currently do not have the capital to purchase the whole business on my own. This is why I really need your help to realize this «once-in-a-lifetime» opportunity. And you, too, will benefit. Here’s how….

What will you receive?

You can choose from all kinds of special rewards that you can only get here. These special rewards include unique hand-made «limited edition» prints from my collection, hands on workshops in screen printing, some very special package deals and a few surprises, too.

How much is needed?

This business start-up is in need of CHF 26’000 for everything included. I am asking to raise at least CHF 22’000 via this «wemakeit» campaign to get the business started. Again my goal is to make MISTER BUTLER Siebdruck & Grafik a success and carry on the legend!

All the funds raised will be invested for the following

  1. EQUIPMENT: The entire business which includes the professional screen printing equipment: screen exposure table, drying oven, flasher, four color carousel, screen coating and cleaning equipment, the archive of color mixing ingredients, plenty of screens for making stencils, and all the assorted tools and supplies needed to walk in the door and start printing. Added to this will be new equipment for printing paper, stickers, posters and assorted flat items, of which a drying rack is essential.
  2. COMPUTER: A new computer with the proper software for the current level of the printing industry.
  3. WEBSITE: A new user friendly website and hosting fees.
  4. RUNNING COSTS: Rent, Telephone, Internet, etc.
  5. INSURANCE: An insurance for accidents, fire, water, theft and damage.

Help spread the word!

Besides contributing to the campaign the other way you can help is to let others know by e-mail or using social media to spread the news about this project. EVERY BIT OF HELP WILL HELP!!


  • «Riff Raff was my shop for 25 years and it has brought me great happiness and pride to have kept it going for so long. When I decided to move on, I immediately thought of Robert Butler as the next owner. I have known Robert for 20 years and he has been an amazing friend and inspiration to me through out the years. I can’t imagine anyone better to carry on what I started. Let’s make this happen!» Chessy Weaver – Riff Raff – Owner
  • «When I look for a printer I look for 3 things: Craftsmanship, sound communication - but above all style. When it comes to style I know not a single printer who can compete with The Panti-Christ. And that’s a g’damn fact!» M.A. Littler - Slowboat Films - Frankfurt
  • «Robert finds the funniest words puts em in the sexiest fonts and throws em in the coolest design that makes you wanna say OH YEAH!» Jackie Brutsche - The Jackets - Bern
  • «Robert Pantichrist Butler Is an absolute joy to work with. Fast, efficient, and understands what you want and need. and his work is always to the highest standard. Plus he is a super fun guy which is an extra bonus.» Hank Haint - Voodoo Rhythm Recording Artist - London
  • «Robert Butler is one of my all time favorite graphic artists. The creativity, whimsy, sense of humor and technique that he exudes is unrivaled in my opinion. I am so happy to have had the chance to hire him for a few of my projects and I would again in a heartbeat, a joy to collaborate with!» Michelle Carr - The Velvet Hammer Burlesque - Los Angeles