As part of the official measures against the further spread of the pandemic, Cuadro22 must remain closed until further notice. To preserve this unique and magical place, we need your help.

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Successfully concluded on 23/5/2020

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As you can imagine, the Corona crisis hits us hard as a cultural association and venue for events from all sectors. With a heavy heart we must remain closed until further notice - the future of Cuadro is uncertain.

In spite of the emergency aid provided by the Swiss government, the current situation means an existential crisis for us. We are in dire financial straits due to the lack of income from the shutdown, as well as the fixed costs that continue to exist for us. We do not see ourselves in a position to survive this crisis alone.

In order to be able to reopen after a relaxation of the current restrictions and to be there for you, we need your support. This will enable us to plan for a hopefully colourful and joyful autumn, which we will all need!

For a divsere cultural scene in Chur!

In addition to exciting exhibitions in our gallery we have an unique program of theater performances, concerts, readings and parties has been taking place in Cuadro22 for more than six years now. Diversity and cultural and social exchange are very important to us.

We hope to see you soon.

We wish with all our heart to be able to maintain this magical place, which is so important for Chur. May we soon be able to share our love for music, interest in art, the joy of being together and dancing together again.

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