We «SAVE THE NATURE OF MADAGASCAR» project is a motivated and committed team, which has recognized that it is our job to help people in Madagascar and to help protect the environment.

With our slogan «COOK WITH THE POWER OF THE SUN» we have the task prescribed to make cooking and baking with solar energy in Madagascar known and dispense 400 solar cookers for free to Malagasy families.

Cooking with solar cookers instead of charcoal

Solar cookers are therefore a great benefit to the population:

  • Dependence on wood and charcoal and the resulting costs will decrease.
  • Deforestation is slowed down, which contributes to the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Cooking with the solar cooker is free of emissions, there is no smoke that affects people’s health and reduces their life expectancy.
  • There is no CO2, which is a major cause for the greenhouse effect.
  • People do not have to tend cooking fires, which frees them for other, more useful tasks.
  • 20000 solar cookers save 60 000 square kilometres of dry forest in the south of Madagascar a year, which translates into 10 000 tons of CO2.

Therefore, we should protect Madagascar’s unique nature

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. It is situated in the Indian Ocean, 400 km off the eastern shore of Africa. It is large as both Switzerland and France together.Roughly 150 million years ago the island drifted away from the primeval continent, which is why flora and fauna have developed over millionsof years undisturbed. Thus Madagascar is often called the «eighth continent».

And is a treasure trove of natural 90% of plants and animals are endemic, meaning they can only be found in Madagascar. Among many others, there are 30 species of lemurs and 66 species of chameleons.

Back then it was a green island, covered with forests. Today about 10% of the island are only a wooded.

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But by far the largest quantity of wood, about 80%, is used for cooking on open fires.

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Now to our solar cookers, for our Malagasy families.

A solar cooker works like a magnifying glass. It generates heat from sunlight, which can be used for heating, cooking or preservation of food and beverages. The sun’s rays are focused by a metal foil and directed onto the hob. This allows the solar cooker generate temperatures up to 150-185 degrees C. and operates from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset.

Our solar cooker is completely simple and easy to carry. It weighs just 800 gram, wrinkles can be like a pocket and is equipped with an extra storage bag for easy transport.The solar cooker consists of a thick mat with non-toxic insulation and retains the heat long as it is well insulated extreme.He Opens the dimensions 50 cm x 50 cm x 40 cm and can produce temperatures of up to 150-185 degrees

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Our goal:

If we get 25,000 CHF jointly together, the cost of production and logistics costs will be covered in order to 400 poor Malagasy families with a solar oven equip.

With every other 1,000 CHF

We can also provide 16 families with a solar oven and the logistic costs and production volumes we can help up to 1,000 Malagasy families.

Project costing:

  • Solar cooker production cost: 11 000 CHF
  • Freight and logistics expenses 3 500 CHF
  • Goodie costs 8.000 CHF
  • Wemakeit fees: 2 500 CHF

What do you get?

On all who support us now wemakeit, wait a variety of interesting goodies on you!

If the financing to able you benefit from our goodies and will co-sponsors for our «SAVE THE NATURE OF MADAGASCAR» project if not, you get your money back. Prices of goodies include the way postage and packing

And in addition to the Goodies

get 400 supporters of our project, a photo via e-mail to be sent by the family to have your support. If we can support more than 400 families, with your help, more of supported photo will receive. a photo as is shown here:

Now for the goodies:

Our goodies for you consist of savages Malagasy Jungle Pepper, Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar or a solar oven picnic set.

Detailed Description and photos can be found here:

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«SAVE THE NATURE OF MADAGASCAR» project and you can be part of it.

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