Help save the small train at the Hasel Zoo! For 40 years, it has delighted children. Now, we need your support for its renewal and future.

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Conny narrates: A journey to save the train at the Hasel Zoo

Save the Train – A Heart of Hasel Zoo

For over four decades, the train has enriched the hearts of our youngest zoo visitors at Hasel Zoo. A ride on the train through the back part of the zoo offers not just an exciting discovery tour, but also creates unforgettable memories for our little guests. Yet, today, the train stands still – a loss that goes far beyond the absence of an attraction.

A Nostalgic Adventure risking

Our beloved train, consisting of a locomotive with three cars, has withstood the test of time and brought joy to visitors as long as many can remember. After more than 45 years of loyal service, however, it became too dangerous to continue the rides. Without the ability to obtain specific spare parts, we had to, with heavy hearts, cease operation. The result: disappointed faces among our youngest visitors and a tangible loss for the entire zoo atmosphere.

A Project for Revival

However, we have not given up. Our investigations in all directions have strongly suggested that the train can be saved. But this path is associated with significant costs. An entirely new electric locomotive and the renewal of the three cars are necessary to ensure safety and joy for future generations. With a special track gauge of 275 mm and the need for custom-made bogies for our unique cars, we are facing a great challenge.

The Funding Hurdle

To present our visitors with a wholly new and contemporary train, we are facing total costs of CHF 55’000. This includes material costs, mechanical fabrications, and specially designed chassis. An indicative price, which includes a variation of +/- 10%, and the crucial step of getting our little train back into operation by March 2025.

A Call to the Community

Hasel Zoo, founded in 1969 and today a beloved part of Remigen, has always committed to the well-being of its animals and visitors. From transforming into a petting zoo to extensive renovations, we have strived to create an oasis of joy and learning. The train is an essential part of these efforts.

We ask for your support to save the train. Your donation helps us renew this iconic attraction and ensure that future generations can experience the same joy and wonder that, so many have already enjoyed. Every contribution counts to get the train running again.

Since our zoo does not receive any government subsidies and the construction of the train represents a significant financial challenge, we rely on the support of the community. Our goal is to ensure that the revenue from ticket sales and the sale of animal feed benefits our animal residents. Nevertheless, we consider the train to be a valuable enrichment for our young zoo visitors.

Together, we can ensure that the train at Hasel Zoo remains not just a memory, but a vibrant, joyful experience for all.

For the train, for the children, for the future of Hasel Zoo.

  • The inauguration in the 1970s
    The inauguration in the 1970s
  • The first ride of the Hasel Train
    The first ride of the Hasel Train

For sparkling children’s eyes: Together, let’s keep the train moving!

For generations, the Hasel Zoo train has been a source of joy and excitement for our youngest visitors. The ride through the zoo not only leaves a sparkle in children’s eyes but also unforgettable memories. To continue this tradition and allow future generations the fortune of experiencing these unique moments, we need your support. Together, we can ensure that the train keeps making its rounds - for the delight of children, today and in the future.

  • The Hasel Train in the 1980s
    The Hasel Train in the 1980s
  • Children's eyes shining for decades
    Children's eyes shining for decades

For this, the zoo needs your support!

Donations will be used for the comprehensive rescue and renewal of the Hasel Zoo train. Here are the key areas where investments will be made:

  1. Purchase of a new electric locomotive: To ensure the safety and reliability of the rides, investing in a modern electric locomotive is necessary. This ensures that the train can continue to transport children and families safely through the zoo.

  2. Renewal of the cars: The three cars of the train, which have been in operation for decades, need to be completely overhauled. This includes both the repair and renewal of parts to ensure comfort and safety for all passengers, both big and small.

  3. Custom-made fabrications and spare parts: Due to the unique track gauge and construction of the train, custom-made bogies and other specific spare parts are required. These fabrications are crucial for the long-term functionality and operation of the train.

  4. Maintenance and safety updates: Investments in maintenance and necessary safety updates are also planned to secure the future operation of the train. These measures ensure that the train meets current safety standards and provides a safe experience for all visitors.

The train should continue to make its rounds
The train should continue to make its rounds