Scars Divide – Music Video

von Grégoire Parchet


Scars Divide, a creative metal alloying sensitivity, emotion and power. Support our project of music video in order to add a visual touch to our musical universe.

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The Project

It is well known that a music video has become an indispensable tool to promote a band. Therefore, after the release of a «lyric video» for promotional purposes for the release of the album, we now want to simply address the need to provide an image where only the music remains.

Now to make a music video, you must:

  1. a look, in other words, a necessary match between the band’s image and music
  2. a budget important enough to combine a good aesthetic quality and an original screenplay

That’s what we want: a great music video which is original and striking in order to allow a lot of people to discover our musical universe.

Why should you support this project?

Through the promotion made by our label, lots of good reviews of our album were written by specialized webzines. You can view them all here, but here’s a brief overview:

«Scars Divide’s debut EP makes you want to mosh, headbang and break stuff but also contains sections that would be the perfect soundtrack to a homeless guy sat beside a lake in the rain, reflecting on how his life turned upside down.It isn’t often that bands come along out of nowhere and tick all of the right boxes, but Scars Divide are one of them and the fantastically fresh-sounding metal of their self titled EP is 100% proof.» Metal Mouth

«An EP that just keeps getting better as it progresses, this self-titled affair may not offer anything unique but what it does provide the listener with is thirty minutes of absolutely top drawer material from a band who is clearly very special» PureGrainAudio

That being said, thanks to your support:

  • You will make possible a dream of an emerging band: make a music video of professional quality.
  • You will receive exclusive rewards in appreciation for your support.
  • We also want to contribute to the Swiss market of alternative music to help its popularization in our country.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind support!

Line up :

  • Vincent : vocals
  • Fabien Vodoz : drums
  • Grégoire Parchet : guitar
  • Samuel Duarte : guitar
  • Pierre Carroz : bass