For my birthday I hope we can raise funds for an Aiducation scholarship to pay Halua’s high school education. She’s a bright and ambitious girl from Malindi, Kenya who dreams of being an entrepreneur.

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Giving the Gift of Education and Enabling Dreams

For my birthday on June 4, I don’t want gifts, but instead would like to inspire you - dear reader, dear friend, dear colleague, dear family member - to help me send a girl to high school through an Aiducation International scholarship. Just like me, she is into entrepreneurship and basketball and hopes to offer jobs to the members of her community one day. She’s been among the brightest in elementary school (top 5% in Kenya) yet since both her parents are unemployed right now, she can’t afford the high school fees.

Education is the most important lever for the development of active citizens. Active citizens are the most important lever for the economic, political, and social development of a country. There are globally 200’000’000 young people without access to education beyond primary school. We won’t be able to solve this huge challenge for my birthday (I wish we could!), but we can - together - send one more bright, ambitious, deserving person to school.

Will you contribute towards making this vision into a reality by June 4, 2019?

About Aiducation International

Aiducation International is a for-impact organization that awards merit-based scholarships to bright and needy high school students in developing countries (focus Kenya and Philippines). The scholars participate in Aiducation’s unique mentoring program and thus become part of a network of future decision makers who develop a culture of giving back to their communities. Thereby, donors directly impact individuals and their societies alike.

Explainer Video:

About Halua, the scholarship recipient

Halua is a girl from Malindi, Kenya. She wants to become a successful entrepreneur so she can offer jobs to the unemployed of her community. After graduating from high-school she’d like to study business at University and then upon graduation wants to make enough money with a hawker business to found a bigger business. In her free time, Halua plays netball (basketball) to stay fit.

Her parents are both unemployed. She has three more siblings, one older and two younger. Her teachers say, Halua is a bright and determined young lady, but surely needs financial assistance because her parents can’t afford to pay for good education. Halua has graduated from elementary school amongst the 5% best students of that year.

Halua’s scholarship application:

Usage of funds: CHF 3200 go directly to Aiducation International, the remainder is used to pay the 10% platform fee of