The project in two words (or more)

With your help, we hope to build a school worthy of the name for the children of Agotohuin for the next school year. The project would therefore be to build a school building that could accommodate three classes. Each class will have two school years, which represents about thirty students.

Currently, they work under two shelters. These are only a few pieces of wood that support a metal roof or palm branches. They therefore have no walls to protect themselves from rain, sun and wind, as well as wild animals and termites.

With a stone building that will have four walls and a roof, they will be able to study in good conditions. Let us offer them this opportunity.

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Who are we?

My name is Stéphanie and I went to Togo in November 2018 with the KFC Humanitaire NGO, to volunteer and discover this beautiful country that has so much to offer.

The NGO has several missions such as providing clean water in each village, helping in education by building schools, empowering women by giving them the opportunity to work, helping disadvantaged children and orphans, etc.

During my stay there, I visited many villages, all of which need money for wells, toilets, medical centres, etc. But those who touched me the most were the children of Agotohuin who have to study in disastrous conditions. That is why I have decided, together with the NGO, to call on you to help us build this school together.

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What we need

In order for the children to start the next school year in a permanent school, we must collect 30’000€, most of which will be used to pay for the materials and construction of the building. Mr Séna, our mason and active member of the NGO, gave us an estimate at 12’500’000 CFA (~20’000€) and the work should take 3 to 4 months.

We will also call on specialists to study the land and find the best place to build the school, which costs 205,000 CFA (~300€). The rest of the money will be used to buy school supplies and ship the counterparts, because you are lucky, the majority of the counterparts will come directly from Togo, such as beautiful African fabrics or small art objects.

I will end with the NGO slogan: We are together. Thank you.

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