We create vegan treats for dogs. With unsold products from organic bakeries, recycled into tasty supplements that respect their natural needs. And YES: Cereal snacks as little treats are OK for dogs!

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Concluded on 3/5/2022

This is how we make Gourmet Scraps!

With your support, we will invest in machinery and expand our reach to include more organic bakeries. Especially:

  • Work in partnership with a chain of Toulouse organic bakeries,
  • Develop new local loops in the Occitanie region, And
  • Fight against Waste! Our recipes are specially studied for the well being of dogs, and YES your canines can eat treats with cereals! Organic and ECOCERT certified.

Gourmet Scraps: Vegan and Anti-Waste Dog Treats

We fight against waste by recovering unsold organic bakery items that are recycled. We want to make Scraps Gourmet known in Switzerland, to specialized or organic stores, and to dog lovers. We work locally, in Gers, France Scraps Gourmet is the proof that our dogs can eat cereals as delicacies in addition to a balanced diet and be in perfect health!

What do we do with your support

We will be able to buy the support material for the production made by our artisan baker:

  • Mobile platform scale
  • Wrapping machine
  • Welder