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It makes sense! Lets put some light on impactful and positive projects around the world!


Je soutiens SDG impact stories parce que je crois en Shaan et son équipe, et leur projet qui selon moi aura un réel impact!


Exposer et faire connaître les entrepreneurs qui vont dans le bon sens est très important - bravo pour ce projet et bonne chance!

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We like your project – this is why we’ve added it to our «We Fancy» category! For the next couple of days it will appear on the front page and also in the «Recommended» section.
We’d say you can be proud of yourselves and tell everyone about it! Publish an update, make a tweet or write a post!


We will learn about successful solutions to deal with social and climate change. It’s a step towards the ultimate goal which is the well-being of the planet and humanity.


I believe in the idea and people pushing it!