What is SDG Impact Stories?

SDG Impact Stories is first and foremost a community of enablers using storytelling for social and environmental change. We’re a team of recent Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) graduates, driven by social impact. Through the SDG World Tour 2022, our goal is to educate people on the UN SDGs at a large scale, and encourage all generations to be part of the change.

With the support of amazing organisations such as Ashoka, the UN SDG Lab, The Social Gastronomy Movement, AKDN, EHL, The Knowledge Society, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and the UN Development Program who opened their network, we selected some of the most innovative and impactful companies.

Qualitative impact:

  • Efficiently educate people on global challenges and simple solutions that exist to accelerate social & environmental change
  • Raise awareness about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the concept of «social entrepreneurship»
  • Inspire young people to pursue a career in the field of social impact

Quantitative impact:

  • Help at least 10 companies grow thanks to EHL final year students, working on business cases (Student Business Projects) or as part of sustainability classes
  • 20k people reached by month 3, 30k people reached by month 6
  • A set of written recommendations handed to EHL to drive sustainable change within the School and the Hospitality industry
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Why fund us?

With your financial backing, we will be able to meet the social entrepreneurs and the people who benefit from their remarkable work in person. The perspective we’ll gain from these encounters is essential for us to efficiently tell their stories.

The funds will essentially help us finance:

  • Accommodation (where we don’t have any host)
  • Transportation (buses, trains and flights, including CO2 compensation)
  • Food
  • Technical equipment (camera, drone, microphones, copyright-free data base)
  • All the work needed to collaborate with the most relevant entrepreneurs, do the scripting, photo/video shooting and editing, build the community

With your contribution, you will be enabling SDG Impact Stories to create an accessible and interactive platform for a community of people who seek to efficiently tackle global challenges. Cherry on the cake, most rewards we’ve selected will allow our donors to discover ethical products from local entrepreneurs who share our values.

The entire team sincerely thanks you for your support. Altogether, let’s accelerate social & environmental change🎙🌍✨

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Q: Why is travelling so important, can’t you meet the entrepreneurs via Zoom calls ?

A: Certainly, we could. But we would significantly lack perspective. Meeting the entrepreneurs in person, and the communities who directly benefit from their work is essential to better understand the local ecosystems.

Q: I guess you’ll be travelling by plane, how do you justify the carbon emissions ?

A: Firstly, we’ll travel by road as much as possible. Secondly, all the carbon emissions from the flights will be calculated and compensated via MyClimate.org.

Q: What will be the main format through which you will tell these stories ?

A: Our main content will consist of 1.30-2 min «IGTV» videos about each company posted on our social media platforms every week. They will all follow the same structure: problem, solution, impact.

Q: Where can we follow your work ?

A: Join us on this incredible journey @SDGimpactstories on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook or LinkedIn. We are waiting for you !!

Q: Are you ok to meet up when you visit my city ?

A: Of course, we’d love to meet you. Please reach out by email (sdg.impactstories@gmail.com) or via social media and we’ll try to make it happen.