Sea kayak on the Geneva Lake

We would like to organize guided trips on Lake Geneva to discover the wonders of the Noville-Villeneuve-Montreux and Le Bouveret-St-Gingolph region.

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Discover nature and heritage in sea kayak

This project combines a sporting activity with a discovery of the fauna and flora of the Old Rhône, the Grangettes reserve and the rich history of this region. Chillon Castle, Peilz Island, the Duchy of Savoy, the Bernese, the Tauredunum tsunami, the history of St Gingolph, village border! Help us to carry it out and come and try it out!

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Purchase of kayaks and equipment

The money raised will be used to purchase the necessary equipment: 6 kayaks, 6 paddles, jackets, skirts and a trailer to transport the kayaks.

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