Secret Charms – new CD

by Ensemble Ad Fontes


Ensemble Ad Fontes is recording a second CD, discovering the secret charms of baroque virtuoso violin music. We would love to share them with you!

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Successfully concluded on 26/5/2021

Virtuoso violin music of baroque era

Ensemble Ad Fontes will be recording a CD for the Label Coviello, with music of Giuseppe Tartini and Count of St. Germain. The musical crew consists of:

  • Mojca Gal (violin),
  • Bruno Hurtado Gosalvez (violoncello),
  • Thomas Leininger (harpsichord)
  • and Anne Simone Aeberhard (recorder).

The project idea was initiated by the violinist and artistic director of the ensemble, Mojca Gal.

  • Ad Fontes behind the scenes...
    Ad Fontes behind the scenes...

Secret Charms of Baroque music...

Giuseppe Tartini and Count of St. Germain were charismatic and mysterious personalities. Tartini, also called ’maestro delle nazioni’ was one of the last great violin virtuoso of the baroque era. He was a poetic soul, notating Tasso’s poems on the edge of his scores in secret alphabet. His nowadays most famous piece ’The devil’s trill’ was written after he had a dream of a devil playing the violin. I first heard that piece at the age of 12 and was mesmerized by it. Since then, recording his music has been one of my biggest dreams.

The Count of St. Germain is known rather as an alchemist and time traveler. Less it is known however, that he was also a composer and fine violinist, known for his sweet violin sound and theatrical performing manner. The musical score itself does not reveal all secret charms of the music. It is up to the performer to find those charms and bring music to life. In the end, it should speak from heart to heart.

And so, we would like to record and share those charms it with you.

We would so much appreciate your support

A CD recording is a huge investment for a musician. In order to release a CD, we need 10’000.- Fr. This amount would cover only the production costs (recording, editing, release).

We work with stretch goals:

  • first 5’000.- help us pay for the recording and editing session: with that, we have our master ready.
  • But to release the CD, we need another 5’000. The last year offered an abundance of time, what was wonderful to get ready for recording itself, but at the same time very challenging in financial terms. We would be so very thankful for your support!

  • Anything over the total of 10’000.- the CD-Production costs will help us organize a concert in our concert season in Basel and play a part of the CD programme on March 4th 2022.