seelenluft - new album!

by Beat Solèr

Berlin and Zurich

A new and unheard Seelenluft album, with lots of professional guest musicians shall be created. In order to pay them fair, your help is wanted. Support the artists!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 25/7/2014


After a long and intense journey into the world of filmmusic, I shall return! Equipped with lot’s of new ideas, influences and experiences. A brandnew, unheard Seelenluft Album is going to be created.

Even tough the ride through the filmindustry was very exciting and thrilling, I am thirsty to dive into my very own music once more, without compromise, accompanied by the great musicians, whom I had the pleasure to meet throughout my journeys.

The Plan

During the last years, I had the chance to work with classical musicians like strings, woodwinds, brass etc. in order to record filmscores. This opened up a whole new world to me.

On the new Seelenluft Album, this newly discovered fountain of inspiration shall be mixed with the usual electronics.


Recordings like these coast money. The musicians are payed by the hour, I have to rent a studio, and technician has to be payed too.

In times of illegal download, it became rather tough to make any money with music. Since I value the fantastic musician I wanna work with way too much to expolit them but pay them fair, I hereby call for your support, so the world becomes more just.

Please support the artists!

Love & Soul & Air!


Seelenluft (Selection)

  • 2008 «Birds & & Plants & Rocks &Things» (Gigolo Rec.)
  • 2004 «The Way We Go» (Klein Rec.)
  • 2002 «Out of the Woods» (Klein Rec.)
  • 2001 «Synchronschwimmer-EP» (Klein Rec.)
  • 2000 «The Rise & Fall of Silvercity-Bob» (Klein Rec.)
  • 1997 «Bellatrax» (Hypnotic Rec.)

Soundtracks (Selection)

  • 2014 Tue Love Ways (Regie: Mathieu Seiler)
  • 2013 Achtung, Fertig, WK (Regie: Oliver Rihs)
  • 2013 Journey To Jah (Regie: N. Dernesch/M. Springer)
  • 2012 Erwin Wurm (Regie: Laurin Merz)
  • 2011 Dating Lanzelot (Regie: Oliver Rihs)
  • 2011 Der Ausflug (Regie: Matieu Seiler)


  • 2012 Prize of the society of german filmcritics (VDFK) for the music of «Der Ausflug».
  • 2005 Swiss Music Award «Best Producer»
  • 2003 Zürcher Werkjahr
  • 2000 Silberner Hase from SF DRS Next / for the album «the rise and fall of silvercity-bob»