What are our desires? How individual are our longings? Why does a longing arise and how does it unfold? How do you express longing through dance? We collected questions and answers, texts and songs, we reflected and wandered down different paths. Three pieces were created for 4 or 5 dancers with titels such as «neighbours garden» or «(w)hole». The choreographies by Natalie Wagner, Anja Gallagher and Maggie Bergeron show images and emotions instead of depicting specific stories. The three piece dance evening will be performed at the End of May 2014 in Berne, Switzerland.

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Why should you back this project?

  • because we are engaged, creative and professional
  • because our project enables over 20 artists to collaborate
  • because dancers and choreographers from 6 nations have been collaborating with enthusiasm on this project for 5 months
  • because the music for the piece is written and created by a composer

We perform «SehnSucht» on May 29–31 at the Tojo Theater in Berne, Switzerland.

  • Choreography and Dance: Anja Gallagher (Switzerland), Natalie Wagner (Switzerland) and Maggie Bergeron (Minneapolis, USA)
  • Dancers: Pauline Raineri (France), Oriana Berger (Switzerland) and Klaudia Snios (Switzerland/Poland)
  • Music: Rupert Lally (Switzerland/UK) Bass Solo: Nicholas Gaudette (Minneapolis, USA)
  • Graphics and Lighting Design: Raphael Sollberger (Switzerland)
  • Costumes: Rosmarie Dellsperger and Team (BFF Bern, Switzerland)
  • Thanks to: Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Burgergemeinde Bern, the link and Roggli AG