About us.

Seifenmeisterei is a small startup founded in October 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided not to open a physical shop, we rather opened an online shop. Our products are Swiss-handmade, regional, and vegan. Our soaps are composed of purely natural ingredients that come from organic farming and production. We also innovate with new and exciting soap designs and scent combinations that match the seasonality and sustainability we aim for.

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We are rare.

Few cosmetic manufacturing companies in Switzerland can deliver products with the same ethical, environmental, and innovative standards we have. Before we produce a new product, we keep track of what our customers want and how we can deliver our high-quality products respecting our business philosophy. We also innovate in the way we produce soaps and ingredients, with new soap molds that enhance our customer’s wellness and life.

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Our expansion plans.

We want our company to grow. We need more customers and brand reach, which requires a certain capital in order to release efficient and broad-reaching marketing, especially within Switzerland. These need not be retail customers, working with other large companies in a b2b manner, if they are able to respect our quality and environmental standards. We also would like to leave our home office and rent a workshop where we can produce our soaps in a more structured and less restricted manner.