Hanna has almost come to terms as a permanent guests at the campsite. One evening, after her husband Klemens completely freaks out, she decides to fight back. She wants to poison Klemens and finally escape from his never ending power game. Kill or get killed. As Klemens almost takes a sipp from the poisend wine, the door bell rings ….

The bizarre couple Jacques and Jacqueline introduce themselves with a musical performance. Klemens enthusiastically asks them in. Shortly after they enter the caravan, Jacqueline accidentally drinks form the poisoned wine. From now on, everything goes haywire. And nobody gets what they expected.


The images should be as abstract as the characters themselves: Many colors and patterns, but all covered with a thick layer of dust. The light emphasizes what is important in the scene, so it won’t fall naturally. There should be a clean and symmetric piture, that shall be broken by the tasteless décor. Examples of such a style are the movies of David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar.

Background of the project

«Forever Yours» is the newest movie by Yasmin Joerg. With this movie she will complete her Bachelor’s degree at the Zurich University of Arts. She has already been working on the screenplay for 2 years and has created whimsical and yet multilayered charcters.

The production of the film is already rolling. The film is set in a caravan, which is almost impossible to shoot in. Therefore, a studio is beeing built, so that there are no technical limits.

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Why do we need help?

«Forever Yours» is a very complex project. We are going to rebuild a whole caravan in a studio in Zurich, which our production designers Fabian Lüscher and Lisa Bruggmann are already busy planing on. We want to recreate the caravan as real as possible, only much bigger and of course camera friendly. This is why we need your support. In order to implement the style of the film, we will also need a lot of fancy props and costumes. We won’t be able to do this without your help.


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About the Cast

  • Hanna Scheuring: In Switzerland she became famous for her role «Vreni» in the hit sitcom «fascht e Familie» (almost a family). Next she was seen in the soap Lüthi und Blanc and in various films, including «Great weekend» of Petra Volpe, «The Boar» by Urs Egger, «Utopia Blues» by Stefan Haupt.
  • Götz Argus: Completed his acting education at the Drama School «Hans Otto» in Leipzig. After engagements at the Bavarian State Theatre and the State Theatre Stuttgart he was part of the ensemble in the Theatre Düsseldorff for many years. He also appeared in numerous film and television productions. Including SOKO Köln, Alarm for Cobra 11, Lammbock etc.
  • Viola von der Burg: Viola was on her way to become a costume designer. But her actual desire to become an actress became reality at the age of 24, when she went to the acting school of Ruth von Zerboni. After that she played in numerous plays at the Theater Munich. In 2009 she changed to the Theater Zurich and played the roll of «Mrs. Peachum» in The Threepenny Opera. She also appeared in several film and television productions.
  • Peter Zumstein: He has worked as an actor at various theaters as well as the independent scene since 1994. He also led in several theater productions and worked occasionally as a theater educator. In his last roll he played the killer in the swiss television series Tatort(Crime Scene) «Dirty Thursday».


  • director: Yasmin Joerg
  • production manager: Louis Krähenbühl
  • production assistant: Bigna Tomschin
  • DOP: Delia Schiltknecht
    1. cameraassistant: Sarah Jüstrich
    1. cameraassistant: Nathalie Kamber
  • gaffer: Nik Delley
  • best boy: Ramon Königshausen
  • sound engineer: Rafael Kistler
  • boom operator: Marco Arrigoni
  • production design: Fabian Lüscher/Lisa Bruggmann
  • make up & VFX: Barbara Tanner
  • costume: Lisa Brühlmann/Mikki Levy-Strasser


  • Hanna: is 40 years old and a small, fragile woman. With her husband Klemens, she’s been living as a permanent camper for years. She creates a replacement for all the neglect with her garden gnome collection. She loves everything about the little gnomes, but of course they are only a symbol of the desire for harmony and a safe home that Klemens isn’t able to offer her.
  • Klemens: is a 50 year old daddy’s boy. When he was little, his dad taught him what it means to be a «real man». He loves Hanna. So much that he wants to keep her for himself. He barely lets her leave the camping ground. His only talent is his profession: he’s a vacuum cleaner salesman.
  • Jacqueline: is very dominant and sadistic. She takes great care of her appearance, but unfortunately has no taste. She wears matching outfits with her much smaller husband Jacques. Together they kind of look like weird twins. She is very intelligent and therefore often bored. So she uses violence to entertain herself.
  • Jacques: Jacques acts like a tamed dog. He adores Jacqueline. He is not very intelligent and in addition highly suggestible. To please Jacqueline, Jacques would jump off a bridge.