SICHTweisen festival tries to combine old as well as new music with other kinds of art. Our main goal is to open new perspectives and to encourage interaction of differnt kinds of audience.

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SICHTweisen - fist time ever

This year SICHTweisen festival will take place for the first time with on the weekend from Nov. 11th - 13th and smaller concerts afterwards. Organized by new founded association Kulturperspektiven it is planned as an annual event.


Our main goal is to bring together and shuffle up different kinds of audience and art. To acchieve this high goal new types of concerts and daring combination are required. This is what we try to implement with our festival.

Responsible for organisation is a team of four people: Johanna, Bernd, Sophie and Jeannine. Johanna and Bernd are directors and initiators of this festival. Sophie is responsible for graphic design and our flyers. Jeannine helps with organisation and is in charge for our social media channels.

With this festival we try to fulfill our dream where different kinds of art are no longer competitors but melt together to one experience, while every kind of art is still possible to be observed seperately. We want to overcome deep rifts that occur sometimes between different groups of audience and include everyone in our festival.

This goal already convinced some artists and performers and other people, who work in culture. This already lead to some cooperations with different people and organisations.

Because of its variation our festival is a challenge for technical realisation. Therefore we need your help, or we won’t be able to realise it as planned.

Our exciting Programm!

Like our oganisation team our progamm is very multifacettened. At our festival you are awaited with old and new music in different genres. We plan premieres and new interpretations of long time not heard artworks, Poetry Slam meets music, digital arts, wandering concerts, green music, dancing, musical theatre, loop performances and much more. At one or the other concerts even the audience will be part of the ensemble and new pieces of art will arise during the performance. All of this takes place in different locations in Vienna. Each of our locations has it’s own charme and atmosphere: Ovalhalle in Museums Quartier, brick15, museum of history of arts, Curhauskapelle at Stephansdom and Schottenstift.


Some other artits and performers are exited about our festival: We have cooperations with Forum Limbach (Burgenland), Parkside Gallery (a young gallery in Vienna), Green Affaire (a collective committed to sustainable music), and a competition with University of applied arts. We also work with Verein der Freunde des Kunsthistorischen Museums - especially for the wandering concerts.

Thanks to these cooperation our festival will be extended after the weekend and end with two concerts at Parkside Gallery on Nov 17th and 24th. A great highlight will be the opening of a three-month-lasting permanent exhibition on Nov 28th at Forum Limbach. Main attraction of this exhibition will be the winner of our competition with University of applied arts. The opening will of course be celebrated with a concert.

Some cooperations help us with organisation: Arthur is a great help with sponsoring, while Andreas is our second whiz for grafic design.

Did we convince you too? Then please support us with your donation.

All supporters will be invited to a get together with the orgainsation team - we would like to get to know the people who host this festival with us.

More information to SICHTweisen festival can be found on our homepage and social media channels.