Tony-nominated musical Side by Side by Stephen Sondheim is playing in Switzerland for the very first time! To put on an unforgettable evening of glamour, humour, and sophistication, we need your help!

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Successfully concluded on 1/3/2018

A celebration of Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim, finally in Basel!

«Send in the Clowns», «Maria», «Let Me Entertain You», «Comedy Tonight»: just a few of the innumerable gems of Stephen Sondheim, the Broadway genius who penned West Side Story, Follies, Company, A Little Night Music, Gypsy, and many other venerated musical hits. A première not only for Switzerland but also for Grassroots Theatre Basel, the musical revue Side by Side by Sondheim is a dazzling, nonstop parade of Stephen Sondheim’s most beloved songs and holds the honour of being the only show in history to have all of its cast members nominated for Tony Awards.

Game-changing, trailblazing, masterful, fiercely intelligent…only some of of the superlatives applied to Stephen Sondheim over the course of his 50-year career. Although Sondheim is revered throughout North America, his work has rarely played before a European audience. Side by Side by Sondheim is the perfect opportunity for the uninitiated and for aficionados alike to experience the impressive scope, stylistic daring, and emotional poignancy of Sondheim’s oeuvre!

«If you love musical theater as much as we do, come be a part of our community!»

Working on Side by Side by Sondheim has only rocket-fueled our passion for the art of Stephen Sondheim and for bringing his lyrics and music to life. Since June 2017 we’ve invested countless hours of blood, sweat, and energy into rehearsal, production, and outreach…but it’s brought us endless returns of inspiration, laughter, and reward. But besides our energy, love, and time, the main portion of the financial costs has also been invested by ourselves. However, to fully realise our vision and to bring you the show we know that you and Sondheim deserve, we would be so thankful for any contribution to help cover our costs for the following:

Lighting design, lights and light technician: 3000CHF

Sound equipment and sound technician: 2000CHF

Costs of the musical rights and music rental: 3000CHF

Please join us to share in our journey of bringing this wonderful musical to the Safe in March 2018, and enjoy some of our many exclusive rewards: be the centre of attention in one of our songs, proudly go shopping with one of our stylin’ tote bags, nourish your talent for singing or acting, or host a scintillating concert in your home!

The legendary Stephen Sondheim

«He has changed everything about the American musical theater, and given permission and inspiration to thousands of artists who didn’t realise the theater could matter so much….Words really can’t convey how much we owe him.» - director Oskar Eustis

«…he has answers and reasons for every single thing — each phrase, each note, each rest has been thought through. He’s very much like Shakespeare to me. His work is layered and dense, but the more you’re willing to invest, the more there is to learn.» - actor Neil Patrick Harris (Broadway star and star of «How I Met Your Mother»)

Stephen Sondheim: father of the modern American musical
Stephen Sondheim: father of the modern American musical