A man desires a woman. She becomes his obsession. Desperate, he tries the impossible: to escape his possession.

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Freezing cold, pitch black night. A road in the outskirts of an unknown city. A man steps out of the darkness and stops. A woman is waiting on the other side of the road. A big neon-sign gives the woman’s white hair a green tint. The man can’t take his eyes off her. The woman opens her fur-coat. She’s naked beneath. The man cannot move.

Their sexual act is a game of power, in which they overcome each other in sensuality and violence. Suddenly she vanishes into the darkness, leaving the man lost and fragile. The man is panicked and runs away.

The woman becomes the man’s obsession. She hunts him. He flees her. Paranoid and restless, the man keeps running day and night, through cities and the steppes towards his own perdition. Nothing exists anymore besides himself and her, his obsession.

Why we need your support

SIE IN IHM is a professional Swiss film-project, which is based on a lot of personal initiative and the huge commitment of our fellow crew members. This Low-budget film was produced without any aid money. We’ve now arrived at the post-production stage, for which funds are really essential (studio for sound and image, material and craftsmanship).

With your support, you help us to finish this film in the right conditions, so that the film can be shown at major international film festivals.

Thank you so much from the heart, it really means a lot to us.

Further information

This project rises from the desire to make a short movie together, freely inspired by the monologue by Mereo in «Penthesila», written by Heinrich von Kleist. We were both strongly touched by the content and form of the text. The monologue deals with a blind and destructive rage, which springs out of a passionate love.

To make a film from our script we needed extraordinary sceneries – Kazakhstan – seven weeks during the winter. The decors which we found in this immense and mysterious country surpassed our high expectations again and again: wide and empty landscapes with barren vegetation, characterised by desertedness. The winter light is soft, the ice omnipresent and the wind relentless.

A huge part of the shooting took place in Aralsk, on the former shore of the dried up Aral Sea. With the help of sign language and hotchpotch Russian, we could communicate with the citizens and pursue our work.