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Who are we?

We are a Verein in Zürich working with passion on green initiatives in Colombia such as projects and activities based on environmental education, respect and awareness for the nature and promotion of the environmental preservation, involving the community on this process and emphasizing on fair trade in our online eco-shop.


What do we need?

We need 11.000 EUR to acquire an inventory of organic products, promote the communities who produce it and spread conscious consumption while we finance our preservation projects in Colombia.

Where will your contribution go?

  • 5.000 EUR: To buy the products in Colombia
  • 3.000 EUR: To go to Colombia and visit the communities
  • 1.100 EUR: We make it and transactions
  • 800 EUR: Media and payment platform
  • 600 EUR: Taxes and shipping
  • 500 EUR: To unforeseen costs

Half the work is already done

We have the online shop, the contacts with communities and the organic products with the sustainability criteria and environmental responsibility.

Why the ecoshop?

Is the best way to offer Colombian articles made by low-income people, which were carefully elaborated in a respectful and environmental friendly manner, at the same time, we want to spread the conscious consumption of useful, ecological and artisanal products thus closing the circle of fair trade and sustainability.

Why Colombia?

Because Colombia is a country rich in biodiversity, one of the few mega-diverse countries in the world, which nowadays is being threatened by several problems; with these two reasons we find environmental solutions to these problems with our team through our projects.

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Be part of this initiative

Help us to spread the conscious consumption of useful, ecological and handmade products, to promote fair trade in these communities, and to encourage them to be socially and environmentally responsible. The trade must be fair not only for the producers by giving them the right economical retribution, but also for the consumer, whom will get a unique and high-quality product. That’s why we focus on the development of vulnerable communities and the positive impact it generates. With the profits we can continue the projects thus closing the trade cycle.

Some projects we need to finance are:

COLOMBIA MEGADIVERSA (Documentary project about the biodiversity in Colombia)

ALDEA COLIBRI (Nature preservation area in the Andean region)

CONTACTO VERDE: Magazine (A guide for seekers of green initiatives and soul)

SIMBIOSIS: Music and nature. The rainforest comes to town. Reconnection with nature through music.

SYMBIOTIC ECOTOURISM (Respectful and nature preservation in Colombia)

RECYCLING PAPER (Recreational activity)

PEDAGOGY OF THE MOTHER EARTH (With Prof. Dr. Abadio Green (Gunadule community)

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About rewards

  • Molas are the most representative artistic and symbolic expression from the Gunadule culture. The Molas narrate the process of everyday life, past, present and future history. Making Molas is to weave a life; it is to weave the way. In our alliance with the women belonging to the community Ibguigundiwala in Necoclí, Gulf of Urabá - Antioquia – Colombia.

  • Colombian Coffee: (Organic production and fairtrade). Through our shop we want to support rural low-income families who grow coffee in small plots of land with organic and traditional processes. This makes this coffee an exclusive of excellent quality product. On each package, the history and information about the origin and growing of each variety can be found.

  • CD Simbiosis: Piano music and sounds of nature of the rainforest by Manuel Obregón (Costa Rican artist)

  • DVD Simbiosis: Piano music, sounds of nature and video of the rainforest by Manuel Obregón (Costa Rican artist)

  • Set Origami (One Key chain, a pair of earrings, one ring and a pair of hairpins) made by Tsuru from Bogotá, a group of a young people dedicated to give a practical application of Origami; they encourage people about enhancing their individual talent through a piece of paper, their hands and the infinite transforming power that resides inside each one. The used papers are environmentally friendly and others are recycled.

  • Ecocard in recycled paper made by us with bioart (technic made by Colombian women).

  • Postcards collection «Colombia Megadiversa Project» 12 different animal motifs.

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