Heavy but honest

During the summer months, we dug ourselves deep into our bandcave and spent days of blood, sweat and beers working on songs and arrangements. From the depths of our atomic bunker, 9 tracks have emerged, all independently recorded by ourselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, these songs pack a punch: relentless riffs and driving rhythms go hand in hand with slower passages and howling guitar solos. The themes of fascism in our society, the missing solidarity for our fellow human beings and the current issues we find important to voice our opinions about are, as always, present in the lyrics.

Now that the album’s a wrap, we are obviously bursting to share it with you. The new long player will be brought to your eardrums this year on vinyl, cd and all digital channels.

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Handmade by your favourite apelike band

True to well-known Simia Sapiens mentality, we set ourselves the goal to do as much as possible on our own. No professional music studio, no recording engineer, that’s how we hope to preserve the ideology that is embedded our songs. Down-to-earth, close to reality, revolutionary.

Of course we don’t want to make any compromises on the quality of the finished product, which is the reason that we have decided to get ourselves professional help for the mix and the mastering.

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And why exactly do we need your money?

Despite the low budget approach of our production, we are obviously faced with some serious expenses, that we as an independent band cannot easily bear. Professional mixing and mastering is not cheap, compact discs need pressed and unfortunately, vinyl doesn’t just magically fall out of the sky. And that’s exactly what we need your help for.

We definitely don’t want you to come away empty-handed, we shall reward you for your financial generosity! That’s why with this crowdfunding, everybody can find something of which they never knew they absolutely needed it. From first-time listener to the biggest fan, there is something for everyone. Check out our goodies and find your perfect option!

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