The Trio

The Simone Bollini Trio started its activity in 2010 and is formed by Simone Bollini (piano), Roberto Koch (double bass) and Filippo Valnegri (drums). Main features of this project are Bollini’s original tunes, composed and especially arranged for this trio. The repertoire is based on improvisation and musical dialog between the musicians.

The goal

In the last years Simone Bollini worked on new compositions pursuing the goal of a first Trio recording. The musical material was finally ready at the beginning of 2015 and the band could head to the recording studio. Now the Simone Bollini Trio is counting on your support to finalize the album!

Composing and recording are of course fundamental steps to create an album, but there is still much work to do! We have to mix the tracks, doing mastering, design the booklet and press the CDs.

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The musicians

  • Simone Bollini, piano: born in Lugano (Switzerland), lives in Basel where he works as pianist and piano teacher
  • Roberto Koch, double bass: born in Caracas (Venezuela) lives and works as a bass player in Basel
  • Filippo Valnegri, drums: born in Lecco (Italy), lives in Bellagio where he is working as drummer and teacher

You make it

Be part of the project and support us finalizing it. You would make the following steps happen:

  • Mixing and mastering
  • Graphic design
  • CDs pressing

Thank you!

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