Who is SkaSebata?

SkaSebata is an independent Zimbabwean fashion label that creates and produces high-end fashion for women. The label is run by me, Sikhanyisiwe Sebata (Designer and illustrator). I am self-taught. The label was established in August of 2009, and so far been awarded the Heritage Style award (2011) and the Diamond scissors award (2013).

Inspiration and Passion

SkaSebata, a brand born out of the love of wearable art, bead-work and old glamour. The label is Inspired by royal clothing and grand detail. For the past five years I have been working hard to realize my dream learning from experience each day and with every new garment created, focusing on the art and technique of creating new and different styles each time. I live, breathe and love what I do. I pride myself in the detail I put on each garment and the many hours I spend on the garments all for the joy I get to witness on my clients’ faces. Creating garments is not what I do, it is who I am.

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How it started

In 2009, I took part in my first fashion showcase sponsored by the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe and I have not looked back since. In 2010 I took part in one the biggest Art festivals in Africa, the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) and the response to my garments was amazing, landing me on the front page of the national newspaper’s Art and entertainment page. Today over three years later, the label is still here and growing strong.

Why support me?

Today I stand at a crucial point. After a successful 3+ years of creating one-off pieces for individual clients, I have managed to attract international interest and have the chance to take the next step. But I need your support in order to do that and to set up my studio so I can create ready to wear luxury collections that are readily available to buyers and boutiques. By backing my project you will enable me to continue working on what I believe most in.

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What will happen with the money

At the moment I am working off my floor and with only one domestic straight sewing machine. Often having to source out other people and services to produce clients’garments which does not always bring out the best of my creations and is not cost effective.

The money will be used to realize my work studio. Basically it will be for the purchase of:

  • An Industrial straight sewing machine.
  • An Industrial over-locking machine.
  • An Industrial pressing machine.
  • An Industrial cutting machine.
  • An Industrial steaming iron.
  • Two cutting tables.
  • A pressing table.
  • Adjustable mannequins.
  • Material and accessories for the first of the ready to wear line.
  • A Touch-Pad tablet computer for sketching and look-book construction.
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What do you get out of this

Many people have supported me so far but now I need your help to take the next step to set up my studio.In exchange for your support you can receive various rewards.

First of all you can get great discounts (10 to 50%) on direct orders for S/S15 collection. Here you order directly via me and the items will shipped to you in April 2015.

But there are also three pieces from the forth-coming line that will be awarded to three individuals for the highest pledges.

Also Zimbabwean wire artist and painter Shorai Matambanadzo has graciously donated some of his original and one-off pieces as rewards.