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The Project

In summer 2014, we started writing songs for our first CD.We, Skinny Jim (Guit/Voc) J.Houd Trash (Bass, Voc) and Mr. CrashBoomBang (Drums/Voc) arranged the songs together. In 2015, we played the songs for the first time live at the Blue Balls Festival in Luzern. In winter 2016 we went to Daniel Kohlers studios in Oberwangen BE, where we recorded the songs. Daniel Kohler and Skinny Jim are now mixing the songs in Oberwangen.

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We will release our CD on may 28. 2016 in Bern. Later in the same year we will tour in switzerland


Please help us to pay the Studio- and Mix/Master expenses! Thank you so much for your support!


We want to reward you for your support! You can choose from many different rewards: You want Skinny Jim to write a song for you? or you would really love to own a Skinny Jim Vinyl Single? We would love to make a mixtape with all our favourite songs for you…