We would like to record the soundtrack of our musical puppet show «Sleeping Beauty» and thereby add a poetic and original item to the so called «classical» CD-landscape.

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Recording of the Soundtrack of Sleeping Beauty - Musical Puppet Theatre

The show, created by Duo L’Air du Temps, invites the listener into a magical journey in the history of music. The story of Sleeping Beauty is told without speaking a word. The music, played by Ayelet Karni and Rachel Heymans, carries the role of the storyteller, together with the puppets, played by Igor Mamlenkov/ Giulia Manfredini. A single puppeteer sets the scenes in our impressive castle. Both castle and puppets were constructed by Mel Myland.

This is a show for everyone, young and old, in which almost all wind instruments that are owned by Ayelet Karni and Rachel Heymans are being played. Click on the YouTube link at the bottom of the page to see our Trailer.

The inspiration to create this show came from our wish, to develop a concert around the piece Dornroosje, by Mathias Maute. Click on the SoundCloud link (at the bottom) to listen to us performing this piece on two bass recorders.

As time has gone on, new ideas and interactions have enriched our musical programme. The wish to share this musical diversity has become an important and exciting part of our project.

We were fortunate to be offered a composition called ’Drawings’, by Rani Orenstein which he composed especially for our Duo. We have included some parts of this beautiful piece in the show. Watch us play the piece Drawings by clicking on the YouTube link (at the bottom).

Today, after a couple of years of running this show, we feel that we’ve reached a mature and solid standard of performing this programme. It seems to us that the time has arrived to record this colourful collection of pieces as an Album. Another stimulus that led us to initiate this recording project was the wish that was often expressed by the public after the performance, to take something home as a memento of the show. People came to us asking to listen to the music again, and remember the puppets, the story and the castle.

The recording will take place in Waldenburg, Switzerland, between 30th of September- 2nd of October. In order to realize this project, we would like to collect CHF 7500, to cover the costs of the recording.

Below you can find a link to our website.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our project. Best wishes from Ayelet, Rachel, Mel and the crew!

Our project is special because ...

With this recording, we wish to take our listeners to a space of imagination, where personal interpretation and their inner world of feelings can take over.

The unique and original musical mosaic in this programme invites the attention of the listener, and allows to discover many composers and various musical genres: from medieval music, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary, pop, rock and free improvisation.

We seek to revive music that is less known for certain audiences and show that the so-called «classical» music is not elitist! It is fun, touching and engaging!

This is how we will use your donation

Here is an overview of our budget for the realization of the recording in the first step:

Recording studio rental: CHF 2’000.00 Fee of sound engineer Karel Valter, recording, editing and mastering: CHF 4’000.00 Symbolic fee for the musicians: CHF 500 Costs: Travel, accommodation and food for the musicians on site for the duration of the recording: CHF 500 Coordination work, organization: CHF 500.00