Small World - Bruno Duval

by Bruno "nono" Duval


Discover and support the first album of my new project Small World. An epic team of fantastic musicians, a cross-over and hip afro-pulsed jazz. You can help us produce the album, it's up to you now!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 19/12/2019

Small World - The team

In 2017, following a carte blanche at the AMR in Geneva, the Jazz ContreBand Festival supported my new project Small World for a co-production. This adventure is coming on strong with a dreamteam quintet for the recording of an eclectic album to be released in 2020.

To pursue this collective musical adventure, I gathered an extraordinary line-up made of new encounters and long-time friends, a team of absolutely fantastic musicians:

  • Cyril Moulas on guitar and electric bass
  • Matthieu Llodra on piano and Fender Rhodes
  • Shems Bendali on trumpet
  • Bruno Schorp on double bass

And featuring:

  • Julien Lesuisse at EWI and alto saxophone.

After two days of rehearsals at Catalyse in Geneva, we recorded during five very intensive days at the mythical Studio du Flon in Lausanne with famous sound engineer Benoît Corboz.

The album / Cross-over jazz & groove charged music

With my new projet Small World, I meant to continue exploring the musical diversity of our incredibly rich and varied world. In search of new musical vibrations, I surfed on the internet from link to another in various parts of the world, drew new rhythmic inspirations in South America and the Middle East, to crossbreed rhythms, melodies and genres without limits and try to blend a trendy jazz, with very contrasting grooves and musical influences.

To listen to sneak previews from the album, click on the soundcloud link at the bottom of the page!

«A trip without borders between jazz, funk, afrobeat and world music» Entracte Magazine – September 2017

For this creation, I collaborated closely with the members of the team and also following my own desires and affinities. A new repertoire was composed by exploring the Ethiopian music «Gurague» with expert Cyril Moulas, by crossing African or Afro-Peruvian grooves on original melody illustrating the chaotic journey of a refugee during the migration crisis, co-written with and arranged by talented composer Shems Bendali…amongst other fusions and driven rhythmic crossbreeds, I also wanted to reveal my inner world, my great sensitivity and feelings, I co-composed two original tracks yet unreleased, written with bass player Bruno Schorp and pianist Matthieu Llodra.

THE ALBUM (provisional order)

  1. Djansa – Drums intro (Bruno Duval)
  2. Bounce (Bruno Duval, Shems Bendali)
  3. Refugee (Bruno Duval, Shems Bendali)
  4. Piano interlude (Matthieu Llodra)
  5. Relief (Bruno Duval, Bruno Schorp)
  6. Guraguigna (Abonesh Adinew, arr. Cyril Moulas)
  7. Chaka – Drums interlude (Bruno Duval)
  8. Sensibila (Bruno Duval, Matthieu Llodra)
  9. Cumbia – Drums interlude (Bruno Duval)
  10. Soul Fusion (Cyril Moulas)
  11. Holding on (Bruno Duval, Bruno Schorp)

To listen to sneak previews from the album, click on the soundcloud link at the bottom of the page!

«… expert in afro-pulsed beats, whether he plays jazz, soul, rock, Latin American music or funk … … whatever the proposal, this drummer puts the same passion. « Tribune de Genève, F.Gottraux – June 2018

Help us ! Ladies and gentlemen, it's up to you now!

The project is managed by the association which ensures its development. Fundraising carried out with public and private donors raised CHF 5,000 from the City of Geneva and CHF 500 from the City of Lancy.

At present, thanks to the funds and the voluntary participation of the musicians during studio sessions, the album is now recorded.

We still have to mix, master, press and promote the album.

The contributions collected will be used in priority to settle :

  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Visual of the album
  • Reproduction rights SUISA
  • Pressing CD album digisleeve (500 copies)

And to finance part of the promotion of the album:

  • Press agent (Press, Radio, TV, Internet)
  • Digital and classical communication supports
  • Distribution on digital platforms
  • International Physical Distribution (Label)

The funds will be collected by wemakeit and 100% will be allocated to Bruno Duval’s Small World project (excluding fees charged by the platform). You like the music, the projet? Please share now on facebook with your friends! Thank you!

Click on the links at the bottom of this page to listen to sneak previews and share!

If the campaign succeeds, the album will be released in May 2020. By giving us your support now, you are doing a militant act because you allow this album to come to daylight without putting artists who have already invested a lot of time and money at risk. At the end of this campaign, if it reaches its goal, you will receive the album in preview, among other counterparties offered to your support.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

Yours truly