To meet the growing demand, Soap Collections must leave its cozy little nest and move into a bigger one. The location is found. All that remains is to arrange it.

CHF 37’690

104% of CHF 36’000

104 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 31/12/2022

What is the project?

The objective is to fit out a 35 m2 local-warehouse in Morges to turn it into an artisanal soap factory, with 55 m2 of working area.

Thanks to the installation of 2 mezzanines, different spaces can be organised: a production laboratory, a cutting area, a cure area for drying soaps, a packaging area and a reception/rest area for staff.

This new workshop will allow new possibilities:

  • Have the space to expand the product range and meet your recurring requests for natural and plastic-free solid cosmetics (solid shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, etc.)
  • Being able to offer cosmetic workshops.
  • To be able to increase my production capacity and thus honor «white labeling» projects.

The values ​​and missions of Soap Collections


The first objective that Soap Collections had set itself was to seduce and convince those who were reluctant to use artisanal solid soaps. By offering beautiful design and colorful soaps, scented with fragrances from Grasse in Provence and rich in precious ingredients, Soap Collections has acquired loyal customers. The difference can be seen, smelt and felt.


The main thread: all Soap Collections soaps contain at least 30% Swiss organic vegetable oils. The traditional olive oil has been replaced by high oleic sunflower oil and colza oil from «La Ferme du Petit Noyer» in Suchy, certified organic. In addition, the soaps in the «Bee my Honey» collection contain honey and beeswax from the «Miellerie de Céligny», near Nyon, certified Demeter. Finally, the ecological and ethical packaging is designed and produced by «Esprit du luxe», in Geneva.


A former nurse and holder of a master’s degree in psychology, it was only natural that I wanted to give a social dimension to the company. This is why Soap Collections wishes to offer a mixed and integrative work environment, where professionals, disability insurance beneficiaries, students, interns, etc.

To date, a contact has already been established with the office of disability insurance of the canton of Vaud in order to become a partner company and to offer work places to their beneficiaries when the needs increase.

What will the money be used for?

The money collected will be used to pay for equipment, materials and labor to develop the soap factory. More precisely:

  • 2 mezzanines (1 x 12m2 and 1 x 8m2) with stairs and railings. (8’000 CHF)
  • Work tables and wall shelving in stainless steel for the laboratory (1’500 CHF)
  • 2 cutting tables (1’500 CHF)
  • Shelves for treatment area (soap drying) (1’000 CHF)
  • Tables and storage for the packaging area (1’000 CHF)
  • Materials (partitions, wall covering and flooring on the mezzanines) (4’000 CHF)
  • Electrical work and labor (15’000 CHF)