WE MADE ITVon SOLAR BLAZE, am 6.5.2016 12:03

Hello people,
we made it. you made it. together we did it and achieved 104% of our original goal. that’s an awesome thing and we are touched to see how many of you are interested in that album.

After playing a concert in Budapest tonight we will start to get the reward-machine running.

Rolas Eblaz

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waiting for the vinyls still...one month to go, then we will send it.
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reward-machine still running?

ENDSPURTING3500Von SOLAR BLAZE, am 25.4.2016 21:58

Hello folks,
we recovered from our suffering in the studio. A few days ago we broke the 3000limit. That is an awesome feeling seeing you being that interested in our frenzy. Thank you for that.

There are three (3!) days left for taking part in our project. 3000 is huge, but there is still some space to fill. Do it! Do it for you! Do it for us and the ones which aren’t sure yet.

Love and Hugs

Crowdfunding Update #2Von SOLAR BLAZE, am 18.4.2016 15:48

SOLAR BLAZE hits the studio

Hello people, we are back from an intense week in the studio. We recored the whole album in a live setting at the GAB MUSIC Factory. It was hard. It was hot. It was sweaty. It was exhausting. But it was totally worth it. The results blow us away. We didn’t know that our sound has that potential of emotion and power. We couldn’t have made it so far without the help of our producer David Furrer, who squeezed the last juice out of our ideas. And without Öli (http://oeli.audio) the recording process would have been this casual and expedient. These two guys helped us capturing the ideas we were carrying around with us for a long time.

It felt like that there is something big growing. Thank you to Joni Gabler and Georg Gabler for make this possible and that you Natascha for standing us a whole week. Julian Haas (www.through-the-haze.com) joined this family and captured the whole recoding process with his camera skillz as you might see below.

For now we have to take a short break and get some fresh air into your steaming heads. The next step will be the recording of some additional guitars, hammond organ and the vocals. We also will have some guest musicians to color our soundscapes even more.

The crowdfunding is ruining for 11 more days and we are positive to make it happen with a little help from our friends (in that case that is you, and you and you and you and you and also you). So spread the word and kick the shit our of that project!

Thanks a lot for making this happen!

Bolar Haze

Update #1Von SOLAR BLAZE, am 2.4.2016 16:41

Hello people,

our crowdfunding is online for 3 days now. You already pledged more than 30% which is awesome!

In about one week we will enter the studio!

We have some pretty nice rewards waiting for you: we especially re

commend our one-week-bus-trip!

With your support we are positive about making the other two thirds as well. Spread the word! Invite your friends! Come together!

Stay tuned, so long, yours,