SOLAR BLAZE + you = ♡

We are counting on you. Take a step closer and help us giving birth to our first album. This time we’re not only expecting you to be sweaty and euphoric in front of the stage in some filthy club. We are opening our arms and hearts for you and give you some warmth in the anonymous sterility of the internet. Be part of something big together with us! Our album is already buzzing around the ether and with your support we can capture it on vinyl.

things to do & care about

Recording an album is connected to a lot of blood, sweat, tears and endorphines. But these other jobs are also taking their toll:

  • highly professional producing
  • accurate mixing
  • proper mastering
  • fresh photos
  • gigantic artwork
  • groundbreaking music-videos

we are not alone

Fortunately, we are not alone at this point. In the studios of GAB Music Factory (Vienna) we will record our songs in a live setting. David Furrer (Milk+) is at our side and contributes all his competence and experience in producing progressive music. And because the whole thing needs to be in some order before it can roam the world, the label Panta R&E has taken us under it´s wings to be part of their illustrious circle. Not a bad starting position, right?

The only one missing is YOU. Be a supporter and get your copy of our LP or other awesome rewards. Tell your granny that there is something big coming up and that our world actually isn´t such a bad place because we have the chance to pull the strings and leave some smudges of colour!

Join the family and blaze it!