Solo Fingerstyle Guitar EP

by Florian Desbaillet


Help towards mixing, mastering, artwork and pressing the release of my first 5 track EP which will feature 4 original pieces and an arrangement. It will be released on CD and streaming platforms.

CHF 3’185

127% of CHF 2’500

"127 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 13/3/2020

Release of my first EP

I’ve been on the music circuit as a guitarist in various bands and ensembles in Switzerland for about 30 years and made a living with guitar teaching for 15 years. I fell in love with «Fingerstyle» guitar in 2015. The aim of Fingerstyle is to use the acoustic guitar in an orchestral way, simultaneously combining melodies, chords, bass lines and even percussion. I first spent time learning the basic techniques and classic tracks from the style, on my own and by attending workshops taught by legends from the scene (Jon Gomm, Thomas Leeb, Mike Dawes, Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Stuart Ryan, Preston Reed,etc…). For the last two years I have been composing my own material and playing gigs leading up to this project.

A preview concert is planned for the 3th April at Les 4 Coins (Rue de Carouge 44, 1205 Genève) to perform all the music from the EP alongside other music I love – everyone is welcome!»

A new step for me.

This recording features the main pieces I’ve been working on those past two years and relate to a very particular period of my life where I have lost so many people and went through changes of direction. It’s the most personal project I have ever made.

This is what I need backing for.

«The funds will help financing the various costs involved in the release of this EP such as the mixing, the mastering, the artwork and the pressing. The recording has already been created at my home, with equipment funded by myself. I’ve been really lucky to have the recording engineered and produced by the amazingly talented Laurentx Etxemendi (Gojira, Helmut, The Inspector Cluzo). He helped me to record the music in a ’one take’ approach to give a natural and authentic sound – no tricks! This funding will move the project into its next phase which is for Laurentx to mix the tracks in a studio in Hasbarren (south west of France). The mastering will then be left in the expert care of Simon Capony from the Basalte Studio, with whom Laurentx already worked in the past. The Artwork will be taken care of by MonaLisaOD (Geneva, Switzerland and 300 CDs will be pressed by Conflikt Arts (France)».