We made it! Thank YOU!By Cat Gerrard, on 18/4/2018 16:12


We hit our target! And more than that, we smashed straight through it and kept running! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped the angel to get here!

We have now funded all the costs of this last 9 days of filming. And we still have a little more time left for our campaign! So we’re releasing a stretch target to help us get further with the project.

We’re aiming to get to 6100€ by next Tuesday. This will go into the pot for the next vital thing: tour production. There’s not just the editing to be done now. There’s also the next layer of communication and connection: getting cinemas/theatre spaces/outdoor spaces to programme us!

We are planning a Berlin premiere for Autumn 2018, followed by a local kiez tour in Berlin (to small venues in all the local areas), as well as a tour to European festivals and UK venues in 2019. We’re also planning an exhibition of Alix Lucas’ photographs a little ahead of the premiere. If we can go up to 6100€ we can pay for a producer/administrator to help us with this crucial next step of application/negotiation/planning with spaces and festivals, so we can concentrate on the artistic side of the work.

Let’s keep pedalling a little longer to get the angel out to as many people as possible from Autumn 2018!

The Angel postcards - The «Angel&City» setBy Cat Gerrard, on 10/4/2018 22:30

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Filming Day 7 - the angel was playing with the architecture of the city today: with its stairways, pathways, its windows and reflections. With the cyclists flashing, pedestrians tramping and the trams rattling by. With its lines and shapes, with the longer rhythms and patterns of the city.

And that’s exactly what interested French illustrator Vincent Van Damme in his stunning triptych for the angel.

His painstaking lines show with precision details the surroundings of the city.

The contrast between black and white make the images breathtaking! 

If you’re familiar with Berlin, perhaps you can guess where this first image is? We were filming there just today… 

​In this set of postcard, the angel is almost invisible, but even so, her spirit is taking over the whole image.

You can get this set of 3 postcards through our campaign, along with an exclusive sticker for 10€.

You can also get a digital copy of the artwork (high quality print), in A3, its original size.

The image is even more stunning, you’ll be able to see all the details of Vincent’s creations. One piece costs 75€, the whole triptyc 250€. 

Our crowdfunding campaign reached 50%!By Cat Gerrard, on 6/4/2018 23:36


Great news!  We are proud to announce you that our crowdfunding campaign reached more than 50% of our target goal!  We are half the way to make this project come true. Thank for our the early supporter who already show that they believe in our project <3

The Angel postcards - Alix Lucas' photographyBy Cat Gerrard, on 6/4/2018 22:54

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Before launching our crowdfunding campaign, we made an open call to artists, asking them to make their own creation with their own interpretation of the angel. 

Here is a photographic set of postcards which show the Angel in different moods. It has been created by the french photographer Alix Lucas.

Alix is fascinated by architecture, and is always amazed by the way buildings connect with the inhabitants. This love for urban space is obvious in this postcard set.

The city becomes one of the main characters of the story.

​Through her lens, she also captures a range of emotions of the Angel. Meditative or lonely, and even sometimes frightening..

​You can get this set of 3 postcards on our crowdfunding platform, along with an exclusive sticker for 10€.

Click on the About page for more information

We're favourites!By Cat Gerrard, on 5/4/2018 17:08


You might have seen us on the start page of wemakeit.com - we’re one of the favourite projects of the moment! Get in quick if you want to donate - there are only 18 days left!

Thank You! & what's all this artwork anyway?By Cat Gerrard, on 29/3/2018 10:53


Thank you so much to all our backers so far - we’ve made it to 25% of our target in a week! And we’re delighted you’ve joined the community around the angel.

We still have a way to go until 24th April. If you already backed us, please tell a few people about the project! It’s word of mouth that makes the most difference!

And for those of you who haven’t backed us yet, we just wanted to tell you a bit more about the artwork we have on offer and the artists we’ve been collaborating with. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll have interviews & features on our wonderful collaborating artists. But here first, is a bit of an overview of what you could get in exchange for your donation:

  • A set of 10 beautiful postcards for you to write home, to your nearest and dearest or just to keep all for yourself!
  • A small or large print - of an artwork or photo, in B&W or colour. However much space you have on or in your desk / wall / apartment / cupboard - we have something that will fit and look beautiful.
  • A stunning limited edition screen print.
  • Or a piece of dazzling original artwork!
  • A PDF copy of the Making Of «Somewhere, Maybe Here» book - including sketches, poems, research, artist profiles, essays, artwork, maps, photos and more - by the team and other contributors. Everything about the process from the beginning to now and about many of the artists, topics and places that have fed into it. We’re working with illustrator Nanna Koekoek on the layout to make this the most beautiful book you can imagine! This is the only place you can get a PDF first version of the book - and by July 2018. The hard copy won’t be available until the premiere in Winter 2018! More on what this will all look like in a post to come…

Whatever you can spare, we have something to give you in exchange! Take a little slice of Berlin and the angel into your house/flat/work space/treehouse/boat/den/car/bicycle basket!

Have a look at the slideshow for more details. Or you can get more info on our website: www.somewheremaybehere.com

Cat & Alix