Song Recording

by varvarasmusic

Aarau and Bern

Hey! I would like to record a song in a studio. It’s a piece that I wrote completely by myself and I’m really looking forward to sharing it!

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Successfully concluded on 23/4/2022

This is what it's all about.

Hello! Nice to see you here :) I would really like to record a song in the studio «Mu.Sick Records» in Bern. The genre of the song is somewhere between Indie Pop and R&B/Soul. To date I haven’t recorded any songs so this would be my first one and I’m super excited about it!

Recently I wrote a song. Most of the time when I start writing songs, I can never finish them, but with this one everything suddenly fell into place! I was very happy and wanted to show it to my friends right away. Together we came up with the idea of making a recording. After that I searched the internet for a studio and found «Mu.Sick Records». When I met the owner, we hit it off and he agreed to record my song. Aaand that’s how it happened :)

Why is my project special?

Ever since I was little, I have loved making music. First I started playing the piano, when I was around 6 years old, and a little later I realized that singing was my thing. I hope to record and release several songs in the future. Music has always been something that brought joy not only to me but also to the people around me, and I’m quite sure that’s what I want to do in life. Today I am still gaining knowledge and experience, and I hope this platform helps me get a little closer to my dream! Does this sound interesting to you?

What do I need backing for?

I am going to request help with expenses, such as studio rental, mastering/mixing/sound engineering and other musicians that are involved in the recording process.