Sonntags (Short Film)

by Raphaël Rück

Fribourg, Zürich, and Lausanne

«On Sundays the world stands still, only the river flows quietly. On Sundays Viktor and Noemie sit by the river and converse about life» – that’s the tagline of our short film.

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Successfully concluded on 16/4/2016


«Sonntags» evolves around Viktor, a young man in his early twenties who finds himself in the intricate as well as confusing situation of being strongly attracted by two people: On the one hand there is Isabelle, the beautiful and fascinating young woman, and on the other hand there is Paul, the mysterious student. Viktor’s disorientation and struggle with his sexuality is at the core of our film.


We are a group of motivated students and this is going to be our first fictional short movie.


Your donations are needed in order to rent a professional equipment and look after our team (catering) during the filming days.

By the way: we are still looking for helpers and actors for some roles. For more info visit our blog (link hereafter).