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Spring Awakening the Musical has enabled a group of young adults to do express themselves through the Performing Arts under the extraordinary directions of the very knowledgeable and professional persons: Tara and Jo. More than enough reasons to support the project. AC
Ich freue mich auf das Musical! Tolles Projekt!
We wish you much success with this show.
Kathleen and Tim Gietzen
Happy birthday Tara!
We know Close Encounters Theatre from earlier productions in Zurich. There is no better, more playful, more inspiring, more creative, more ass-kicking theatre group in this country.
coole Sache
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Dein Projekt gefällt uns – und gehört daher momentan zur Kategorie «Unsere Lieblinge»! Für die nächsten Tage erscheint es auf der Startseite und in der Kategorie «Empfohlene».
Ein guter Grund ein bisschen stolz zu sein und es allen zu erzählen: Verfasse eine News, einen Post oder Tweet!
It is important to support the awesome but (still) small community of musical theatre in Switzerland, especially the English-speaking theatre community. Furthermore, musical theatre is an invaluable experience for young adults to grow as a person, performer, musician and lifelong learner.
It is very important to support projects that bring the Swiss and International communities into a room together. What a better way to start a dialogue than to use Musical Theatre as a platform for integration. Well done Tara and Jo, you are creating something very special and much needed for Zürich.

Please consider your own personal donation to this exciting project! Love, Melissa
This is a unique opportunity for young people to grow in so many ways as an individual but also as a group and to appreciate the rewards of all the hard work.