St-Jean Rock festival

by St-Jean Rock

Vollèges and Bagnes

After the success of the first edition, drawing over 400 participants, the committee is proposing a new, 2-day, concept. Karim Slama will open the festivities followed by music from near and far.

CHF 1’020

13% of CHF 7’500

"13 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 13/5/2017

What is Saint-Jean Rock ?

Not merely a festival, the Saint-Jean Rock is a fantastic adventure initiated by the Levron Youth Group, materialised by a committee of 8 brave young women and men and supported by over a hundred volunteers!

The «test-run» in 2015 having drawn huge crowds, passionate reviews and tons of positive feedback it has been extended for a 2 time this year.

Saint-Jean Rock is ALSO …. A festival over 2 days at the beginning of summer season (located at 1’350m above sea level we thought it best to avoid the winter chill), a magic show, a one man stand-up show and no less than…. 9 concerts (you either do things properly or not at all !).

Saint-Jean Rock has a hefty budget; close to CHF 65k. I know we Swiss don’t like discussing money in public, but we really feel it’s worth taking the risk of bringing up the subject as this is where the festival needs your support …..

Chance always smiles to those who dare, as one says, and we dare to hope you will embark with us on this beautiful adventure.

Our goal

Our goal is rather commendable; see for yourself: we aim to promote the development of musical activities, in particular through the organisation of concerts. Putting the accent on local Valais-based bands (our apologies to all the rest), and offering time on a relatively small stage (well, it’s actually about 36 square meters in total) so that these «newbie» bands can get thrown in the deep-end and experience their audience first-hand (obviously huge, the audience … at least we hope).



  • 20h00 KEN The Magician
  • 21h30 Karim Slama (Stand-up)
  • 23h15 Ramène ta chaise (Folk/rock)


  • 17h00 Catch My Story (Metal/Punk)
  • 17h45 Macao (Folk/Country/Blues)
  • 19h15 Lune Pourpre (Rock)
  • 20h00 Epsylon (Rock/Folk)
  • 21h30 Black Swell (Accoustic Rock)
  • 22h15 Taken By Storm (Classic Rock)
  • 23h45 Dawnless (Melodic Metal)
  • 00h30 Happy Ol’McWeasel (Irish/Punk)