This is what it's all about.

Stansstad Animal Rights Conference is the first animal rights conference in Stansstad, Switzerland between 23rd-27th May 2018. SARC is a conference bringing together legal experts, artists, philosophers, biologists, sociologists, artists, animal rights activists, and persons who are interested in animal rights. The conference intends to provide a safe platform to exchange different aspects of the human/ non-human animal relationship. The main objective of the conference is provoking thoughts, questioning our automatic consumer behaviour and stimulating empathy with non-human animals through open discussions, workshops and an art exhibit. The conference is open for all. There is no admission fee.

My project is special because ...

It’s the first animal rights conference in Stansstad, Switzerland

This support is needed for

Costs of flight, train tickets accomodation of renowned speakers and artists. Costs of workshop materials. Live concerts. Camera person. Purchasing movie screening rights. Technical set-up. Flyers, posters, banner, T-shirts for volunteers.