SEMA Media is a project under Center of Sports academy and Excellence. We believes that there is an urgent need to improve the understanding power of communication and media among the youth in Kenya and beyond. This has lead to the increased desire to learn and explore media related issues, which has, in turn, encouraged local organizations and individuals to look for tools that would satisfy this growing trend. However most youths have been left behind and lack of resources has hindered the advancement by this group in these skills.

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What we do

We are dedicated in equipping youths both school and non-school going age with skills on media and communication for their personal and community development. This will enable youths learn, create, connect and tell their stories through this amazing project Stories from City in collaboration with Brighton University, UK among other local partners. We also expose the participants who are the artist to the business world via entrepreneurship training where they could also earn from from their artistic work.

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Project Activities

SEMA Media will run practical media training workshops on photography for our participants, forums and exhibition in the community e.g. photography, video & audio. Using a participatory learning workshop (PLW) approach developed by Dr Peter Day and being implemented by SEMA Media, the workshops are being specifically designed to meet the needs of all the participants. This year we are going to conduct workshop in Nairobi and Brighton with Stories from our City exhibition in the streets of Nairobi as well as in Brighton University gallery.

About photography exhibition

The exhibition will present use a range of media content to tell stories from the cities Nairobi and Brighton as seen through the eyes of workshop participants. Amongst the content themes for the exhibition will be: identity; culture; urbanization topics - e.g. infrastructure, economy, leisure, city by day/night; wealth/poverty; diversity of cultures etc. The content of the exhibition should go some way to representing the nature of life in the respective Cities from the perceptions of the participants through their talent and creativity.

It is hoped that the exhibition in Nairobi can be at some point reciprocated in Brighton. The Faculty of Arts at the University of Brighton has exhibition rooms in the heart of the city that will provide excellent spaces for the reciprocal exhibition.

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