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What is it about?

Strandbeests, dutch Theo Jansen’s wonderful beach creatures, are a both artistic and engineering marvel. As part of this year’s Social Innovation Summit, a student-centered event on social entrepreneurship, innovation and impact, we managed to engage Theo Jansen for an europe exclusive date! See Theo Jansen bringing one of his strandbeests to Zurich and get amazed by this new form of life able to walk on wind.

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A Strandbeest at the Social Innovation Summit!

Social Innovation Summit is the cutting edge event on impact, social entrepreneurship and innovation! Get inspired by international speakers, attend hands-on workshops and build an effective network at the new cool Toni Areal in Zurich on 31st of october.

Among others our speakers are Miquel Ballester (FAIRPHONE.com), Merijn Evenaarts (DOPPPER.com), Günter Faltin (Bestselling autor and entrepreneur) and of course the worldfamous STRANDBEEST ARTIST THEO JANSEN. Featured topics are design thinking, refugee integration, responible engineering, IT for social change and many more.

Why we do what we do!

Why show art at an event about entrepreneurship and innovation? We believe that innovation happens at the edges of diciplines and not only in a business context. We want to open up social innovation for an audience with various backgrounds. And especially for those, who not feel called upon the countless business and startup events. We strongly believe to be on the right track!

And this is how YOU can help us!

As a Non-Profit we need YOUR help! Theo Jansen is a worldknown artist and won’t come for free. So we need his performance fee and travel expensens covered. We try to keep tickets for students as lowpriced as possible – this is why we are thankful for any kind of financial support.

Look, here are some of your rewards!

Thank you for your support and your interest in our work! <3

Désirée & Alex

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