Introducing Street Racket as a tool for daily movement, social intregration and occupation to refugees

We are conducting this project together with our partners «volunteers for humanity» ( This organisation is very experienced in working within refugee camps and we are very grateful for this cooperation. Street Racket gives everyone, anytime and anywhere the opportunity to be active and healthy while enjoying a versatile game. No specific courts or expensive equipment are required. We convert any surface into instant sports grounds where people can engage in social activities. All you need to do is to draw the court on solid ground, grab some kind of racket or any other flat and hard item (like a book or a kitchen board or even your hand) and a bouncy ball.

We need your support for the following

Travel and accommodation expenses and a targeted donation of 50 Street Racket sets run up a bill of CHF 2’700. The minimal goal for this project is to raise CHF 1’400 which would enable us to travel to Serbia and introduce this movement concept using alternative playing equipment.

Of course we do our preparation work as well as the introduction in Belgrade as volunteers at no salary. In addition we will have no margin/profit on the sets brought to the camps. As we have no sponsors so far, we would be very happy and thankful to have at least the expenses of this trip covered.

All extra support exceeding CHF 2’700 will be used for additional Street Racket sets to be transported to the camps in and around Belgrade as well as further projects to implement Street Racket in other refugee camps.



Supports from CHF 75 will get rewards such as Street Racket sets, vouchers for our public introduction courses or even a voucher for a private group workshop for up to 10 people.

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