Why a Subotage Records Vinyl EP?

All our artists wish to produce a 12 inch vinyl together with «Subotage Records». A best of «Subotage Records» disc of pure black gold. We see this EP as the starting point of a spate of disc records. You can help us with it.

About us

Subotage Records wants to break the rules and disengage from commercial law but the common ground of each artist is the low end part of the frequency range in soundscapes. Our publications range between deep-, dark-, or oriental Dubstep, Drumstep as well as Elektronica, Break Beat and related genres.

Subotage Records is directed by Sebastian Zech and Philipp Schulz by the motivation of musically independency and the opportunity for self-realization.

Each part of Subotage Records is considered as an equal and everyone has equal rights and duties. The label team takes every concern of each member or customer of Subotage records seriously and aims to find an acceptable solution for every issue. We host parties in Basel were we invite all of our artists in sequence. That way we contribute with a creative schedule to a multifaceted nightlife in basel, as a result, a large community has been formed.

«Subotage Records» was foundet in 2011

Since then, we not only grew in size but also in experience and quality. We spare no effort for collaborating with our artists on new releases. We assist them with mixing, take care of the mastering process and create the artwork. «Subotage Records» became a small but nice brand worldwide. 2015, the decision to produce our first 300 edition high quality vinyl, a four-color printed cover and many give-aways included, is just around the corner. The entry into the world of analog sound carriers isn’t really cheap, therefore we appreciate your help to get that project going.


How do we use your money and where does it go?

  • Mastering & Lacquer: CHF 180
  • Vinyl press and special packaging 300 units (incl. duty & postage): CHF 1’800
  • Artwork (2 different sticker, info-flyer, poster A4): CHF 250

(a minute amount is already financed.) THX…

You will also encourage smaller business with your support

The songs need to be mastered in a special way for vinyl, this job will be done by a «Dubstep» specialist from the small town Vilnius in Lithuania: «Mastering Solution». The order for pressing and packaging of the discs will be placed at «Recordindustry» from Netherlands. A factory for socio-professional reintegration in Basel (CH) produces the stickers and posters. The distribution will be managed by «Triplevision» from Netherlanden and «Subotage Records» itselfs.

When will the vinyl-disc be published?

As soon as our projects funding is ensured, we send the tracks to the mastering process, then to the cutter, the press plant and finally to the record stores. A great deal goes to our artist and to promoter for distibuting at their own events. The production needs a time to market of 2 months.

What follows after?

The receipts will be used for further vinyl productions.

Like that look our shirts in return for your support.