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Politics, Festival, and Environment

Ground ’n’ Sound Tour

So wie überall in der Schweiz Festivals aus dem Boden schiessen, so verstreut wird auch überall gebaut. Doch jetzt hast du mit uns die Chance die Zersiedelung richtig laut zu stoppen!
by Manuel Michel and Cyrill Bolliger, Bern, Lausanne, and Zurich
100% funded
CHF 6’030 pledged
48 backers
Music, Festival, and Environment

Im Herzen des Humanismus

Eine Ausstellung aus recycelten Materialien in Form von Totems zum Thema «Was bedeutet es, sich selber, die Natur und den Anderen zu respektieren». Vom 13. bis 15. Juni in Lausanne
by Sandrine Wenger, Lausanne
104% funded
CHF 5’200 pledged
29 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Environment

Eco-friendly concept store

Help «La Chouquette» to create its unique eco-friendly concept store in Lausanne with a great selection of Swiss artisanal groceries, gift ideas, a kids corner and workshops!
by Cyrielle and Fabrice, Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 46’370 pledged
314 backers
Startup, Community, and Environment

NOW Care Instant Soaps

We’re explorers, We’re curious, We're NOW Care.
Make minimal-waste your lifestyle with our instant soap powder. Powder + Water + Shake = a practical and earth-friendly shower.
by NOW Care, Lausanne and Bern
100% funded
CHF 40’314 pledged
605 backers
Startup, Community, and Environment

Aveline back to basics

Launch of the brand AVELINE COSMETIQUE! Go back to the basics with cosmetics made from local plants at a fair and transparent price.
by AvelineCosmetique, Lausanne
165% funded
CHF 99’315 pledged
143 backers
Fashion, Startup, and Environment

Julienne Swimwear

Quality swimwear made from recycled fabrics (Econyl®). Designed in Switzerland and hand sewn in Portugal. We need your help to produce our new collection!
by Julienne Swimwear, Noémie Schmid, and Julie Dizerens, Lausanne
100% funded
CHF 20’073 pledged
195 backers
Food, Fair Trade, and Environment

Domani - Pizzeria Durable

Domani will be the first Neapolitan pizzeria in Lausanne that will exclusively use local ingredients, from organic agriculture, and with a strong waste reduction approach!
by Mario Mattiello, Lausanne
139% funded
CHF 22’316 pledged
194 backers
Journalism, Community, and Environment

Rendez-vous mit Morgen

An Bord meines Wohnmobils werde ich in den nächsten 18 Monaten quer durch Europa reisen, um die inspirierendsten Menschen zu treffen, sie zu interviewen und so ihre schönen Projekte bekannt zu machen.
by Living Earth Angels and Catharina, Lausanne
118% funded
CHF 29’576 pledged
106 backers
Fashion, Community, and Environment


LA TRAME invites us to rethink our clothing consumption through repairing, transforming and swapping.
LA TRAME will be a place to meet and share experiences about textile in Lausanne, Switzerland.
by Isa Boucharlat, Aurélia Joly, and Laure Paschoud, Lausanne
116% funded
CHF 23’213 pledged
252 backers

1 CHF for the Climate

Help us to support sustainable producers in the region and to plant trees in Switzerland. Each of your contributions in favor of the climate will help us to carry out this long-term project.
by 1 CHF pour le Climat, Lausanne
100% funded
CHF 10’000 pledged
44 backers
Startup, Fair Trade, and Environment

Zélo Lausanne

Zélo propose des produits frais, régionaux et zéro déchets livrés directement chez vous en vélo. Grâce à vous tous, nous allons bientôt pouvoir proposer nos services sur Lausanne!
by Zélo, Lausanne
240% funded
CHF 60’052 pledged
222 backers
Startup and Environment


A new shopping ecosystem where sustainability is the new normal. A practical, personal and local solution for low-waste living.
by Erica Mazerolle, Rorie, and Mickaël, Lausanne
104% funded
CHF 41’711 pledged
218 backers