Help us develop technology that boosts global recycling rates. Our vision-based equipment sorts waste efficiently, minimizing landfill impact.

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Why is this project important?

Despite each of us doing our bit at home, only 13.5% of our waste is recycled each year. Every six days, the global waste produced could fill Lake Geneva. The vast majority of this ends up in landfills and dump sites, putting massive pressure on the environment and biodiversity.

So why aren’t we recycling more? One of the big challenges we face is making recycling financially viable and more efficient.

Recycling is a complex process – waste has to be collected, sorted, and separated. Although there are ambitious recycling goals worldwide, many recycling facilities still lack the advanced machinery and processes for large-scale sorting.

That’s where WasteFlow comes in!

How does WasteFlow work ?

WasteFlow is a vision-based AI system. With its network of cameras installed at recycling facilities, it can offer intelligent diagnostics and recommendations to improve recycling rates and energy efficiency.

The WasteFlow equipment works with existing machinery and can be used to:

  • Detect blockages in the system and alert operators
  • Identify when machines need maintenance
  • Categorise waste by size, material, and volume …all in real time.

Through our technology, we can provide recycling facilities with actionable analysis to enhance their recycling rates.

But we need your help.

Why do we need your support

WasteFlow has already been tested in recycling facilities in Geneva, but it’s time to move to the next level. Our goal is to deploy our first permanent network of sensors, which will allow us to measure performance in real conditions, both at the level of individual machines and across the entire plant.

This is an important step in gathering the data we need to show the long-lasting impact of our technology on improving recycling rates and optimizing their operations.

We know what we need to do and we know how we’re going to do it. We just need your support to make it happen!

With CHF 10,000, we can deploy the first 10 units in a facility near you, allowing us to validate that simple measurements can significantly improve waste sorting.

With CHF 20,000, we can industrialize our sensor to equip 5 new facilities in Switzerland.