Construction of Superadobe Houses

We are raising funds to purchase materials to construct sustainable, earthquake-resistant buildings, called superadobe (ecodomes), which will be used for the growing sustainable and community-based tourism in Rwanda.

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Another vision of tourism

A thriving ecovillage with Superadobe Houses will enable the regeneration of hospitality and tourism services as well as entrepreneurial practice and start-up business experience. Within the model and idea of an ecovillage, the design and organisational approach focuses on maximising participation, cooperation and regeneration by mimicking the processes and patterns found in natural environments. The proximity and interaction with vital life processes experienced by people within a tourist ecovillage serves as a powerful learning and leisure tool. The same principles and models that can make a jungle or ecovillage productive, efficient and beautiful can be applied to the hospitality and tourism sector by fostering innovation, learning and entrepreneurship for sustainable living.

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Promote sustainability

In addition to active support from you directly affecting sustainability, the well-being of local communities, sustainable new construction and a dynamic development system, the key models to be observed in the natural world are «cooperation networks». The digital age brings the network model into the game with enormous potential, bringing it into a rapidly expanding self-organising global network of collaborators and projects. Ultimately, it is about working cooperatively to improve each site and plant the seeds of a decentralised cooperative network based on the principles of freedom, hospitality and cooperation.

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