The project

Besides schools in Zurich, Winterthur and Rottenschwil we could now win another one, the school Bläsi in Basel, which is ready to start a cooperation with us from May 2015 establishing an orchestra based on the Superar principles.

One of these principles is to bring the children as early as possible and regularly in concert situations, what gives their motivation a tremendous boost. The first major goal for the new entrants in Basel will therefore be the joint concert with our existing orchestra and choirs on 7 June 2015 in the great hall of the Tonhalle Zurich.

To start with lessons and concert preparation at all, the children first need instruments. As a non-profit organization, and with respect to the free-of-charge participation for the children and their families, we are particularly dependent on donations and creative support from the middle of society.

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Your support

Help us to carry the Superar experience to Basel and to contribute to equal opportunities and social integration of young talents in the sphere of music. With your support, we guarantee our learners own instruments including relevant equipment and most important the indescribable moment of joy and the creative energy while playing and achieving something together.

In return, you will be live at the first public performance of the children on June 7 at the Tonhalle Zurich it. In addition, we offer you - depending on your promotion - very attractive rewards, including a personal encounter with the Venezuelan star conductor Gustavo Dudamel, introductory lessons with one of our tutors (all professional soloists outside of superar), or even your naming in our communication channels and a private concert.

We look forward to your contact, your questions and an early acquaintance!

Who we are

«Superar» (spanish) = to overcome, to outrange

Superar Suisse was founded in 2011 as a charitable organization and makes high-quality musical education in the field of voice and orchestra for all children and young people - regardless of their origin and their financial and family circumstances. Superar Suisse is inspired by El Sistema in Venezuela, the world’s most famous socio-musical initiative and is a partner organization of Superar Vienna.

We offer, in addition to the public education in schools, music education and training at a high artistic level and thus provide equal opportunities for all children.

We do this by:

  • Presence in schools in deprived areas
  • Intensive courses (min. 5 h sample / week) only in the group
  • free participation for children and their parents
  • Involvement of professional solo or orchestral musicians
  • regular joint concert performances, both in prestigious halls as well as in schools of children
  • international network that enables children traveling and international exchange