Superdark Studio Album

by Superdark


We have been working for some time on our new album, which we now want to record professionally in the studio. Support us with the production and help us to realize our dream!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 3/10/2021

Who we are

We are Superdark, a rock band from Zurich. The band consists of Alex, Josip, Neil, Towje and Darius. Our music is inspired by Psychdelia, Blade Runner, Art Rock, Surfing, Funk, Stoner Rock, Appenzeller, Woods, Sriracha, Alternative Rock, Cigarettes, Alps, Sea, Planted Chicken, Asphalt and Sun.

Some bands we especially like are for example Mild Life, Black Midi, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kikagaku Moyo, District Five, Idles, Radiohead, Pink Floyd & The Brian Jonestown Massacre. So we like firecrackers as much as melancholy - this is also reflected in our own music.

In 2019 we recorded our first record «Carmine Line» in our own rehearsal room and produced it almost completely ourselves. Our last release was the live session at Dynamo in early 2021, which included two songs from Carmine Line. The last song of the live session - Yada Yada - is one of the new songs. With this song we could also reach the finals of the m4Music Demotape Clinic 2021.

What we want and need

Since concerts were quite difficult to realize due to the worldwide situation, we dedicated ourselves fully to songwriting again in 2020 - first individually in isolation, then together again as a band. Increasingly we tried to create songs whose structures leave the usual forms behind and take more time to unfold ideas and moods. The lyrics revolve around themes such as self-doubt, loneliness, fatigue, alienation, but also ecstasy and optimism - the roller coaster of emotions that the last year had brought with it. In total, over 40 minutes of music were created - material for a new album.

At the end of 2020 we started recording the new songs again in our rehearsal room - each musician individually, track by track over a metronome. Somehow though, the songs didn’t want to sound the way we imagined. After recording the Dynamo live session, it was clear that we simply lacked the energy and dynamics of playing together as a band. But we couldn’t do this kind of recording in our rehearsal room because we simply didn’t have the infrastructure. But it is precisely this interaction that brings the new songs to life for us.

After realizing that we wanted to record the album together, it was clear that we now needed a producer and time in a professional studio - we are making our first studio album! With Philippe Laffer from Basel ( we found the perfect partner. The pre-production of the songs is now completely in the bag and the plan is that we will go to Basel for 6 days at the end of November to record the record. After the recordings we will then turn our attention to the artwork and potential video clips. We plan to release the studio album in the spring of 2022 to take full advantage of concert opportunities in the summer.

In total, the costs for studio, production of the record and rewards amount to 17’000 Swiss francs. Each band member invests 1’000.- francs privately, for a total of 5000.- francs. Since most of us have just finished our studies and income from concerts is practically non-existent, our savings are unfortunately insufficient to finance the entire record ourselves.

In order to make up for the deficit of 12’000 Francs we need the financial support of friends, fans, family, strangers, companies and whoever else likes our music - every contribution counts!

Where the money goes & what you get

Total costs for the project:

  • Recording & Mixing: 11’000 CHF
  • Mastering: 600 CHF
  • Vinyl: 2’500 CHF
  • Other rewards: 1’250 CHF
  • Shipping Goodies: 450 CHF
  • Crowdfunding fee: 1’200 CHF
  • Own contribution: -5’000 CHF

TOTAL: 12’000 CHF

With 22 days left, we’ve added even more goodies and set up a plan for stretch goals. These stretch goals are deliberately chosen so that all backers will get something out of it and the existing goodies will be upgraded. More info below.

Stretch Goals:

12’500 CHF - Sticker sets: Sticker sets for all backers and stock for us, because stickers are just great!

13’000 CHF - Fan magazine: We will create a fan-zine (a small booklet) which all backers will receive and which will also be included with the vinyl. It will contain exciting info and photos of our process, artwork, snippets of lyrics and a special page with all the supporters’ names.

13’500 CHF - Colored vinyl: Instead of a black vinyl, we can choose a colored option that perfectly matches our artwork.

17’500 CHF - Basic videoclip: This is the minimum amount to realize a videoclip for our album. With this money, we can at least pay everyone involved a wage (which is far from full pay - but way better than nothing!) and create a high quality videoclip that will visually support our music and help us in the promo phase.

Basically we think our new record is the best you can get. But we also have some more nice goodies for you ready. Besides the best Superdark merch so far, you can for example have a song written by Darius or Alex will create a design for you. But these rewards are much more than a mere barter. Every contribution means a lot to us and not only financially! Above all, you show us that you like our music and support the dream of being a musician, which touches us deeply.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!